Embracing the New Stone Age: Revolutionizing Modern Design

The world of stone in design is undergoing an exciting transformation. It’s a period of renewed appreciation, where the timeless elegance of stone is being rediscovered and reimagined in different spaces. According to industry experts at Pacific Shore Stones, we are witnessing a revival—what they term a “second stone age”—where the unique beauty of stone is being embraced like never before!

A modern bathroom featuring a floating wooden vanity with marble countertop and backsplash, complemented by gold fixtures. An oval mirror with a thin, metallic frame is mounted on a peach-colored wall, flanked by two spherical white wall sconces. A framed painting is partially reflected in the mirror, and a textured hand towel hangs to the left on a sleek holder, contributing to the elegant and curated aesthetic reminiscent of The Scout Guide style.

Embracing Unique Materials and Bold Colors

Today’s clients are not just looking for stone; they are seeking pieces with character, bold colors, and unique, perfect-imperfections. This shift is partly due to designers who have mastered the art of elevating stone, showcasing it in ways that highlight its natural beauty and distinctiveness. The industry is also benefiting from significant advancements in stone processing and quarrying, making previously unattainable colors and types of stone available. These advancements are perfectly timed, as they align with the growing demand for more impactful and elegant design elements.

In the coming years, we expect to see a shift in design trends, with stone playing a central role. Stone’s ability to blend classic elegance with modern aesthetics is unmatched, making it a fundamental element in contemporary design. This trend is particularly exciting here in Northwest Arkansas, where a community of creative and forward-thinking individuals are poised to lead this design evolution.

A bright and airy bathroom featuring a sleek marble countertop with a wooden vanity beneath The Scout Guide aesthetic. The oval mirror reflects a cascading indoor plant, complementing the serene white walls and a freestanding bathtub partially visible. The scene is highlighted with a minimalist design, including a white vase and black fixtures, creating a tranquil, sophisticated space.

Mitered Edges
A hot trend in stone fabrication is the use of mitered edges, which create the illusion of a thicker stone. This technique gives countertops and other installations a chunky, substantial look that clients love and we’re here for it.

Sink Aprons
New to the area but gaining rapid popularity are sink aprons, made of stone. Enhancing the front of sink areas with stone provides a cohesive and complementary touch to the overall kitchen design.

Bold Colors
Color, once feared in the industry, is now a client favorite. There’s a growing trend towards incorporating vibrant hues into home designs, reflecting a desire for spaces that are personal and expressive. People are having a lot more fun creating spaces they LOVE. This trend extends to both natural stone and quartz as well.

Vertical Applications
Stone is being used more frequently in vertical applications, including full-height backsplashes, showers, fireplaces, and even just wall décor. Advancements are not limited to natural stones, but are also happening in the engineered stone world. Porcelain has been extremely popular for vertical applications as its perfect for enhancing spaces due to being comparably very lightweight to a traditional stone. 

Book Matching
A sophisticated technique gaining traction is book matching, where two slabs of stone are cut and placed to create a mirror image. This method creates stunning, symmetrical patterns that are becoming a sought-after feature in high-end designs.

Interior of a vintage bathroom with multicolored tiled floor leading to a tub with marbled side panel, surrounded by dark brown wall tiles with a fading central section suggesting a rustic ambiance in line with The Scout Guide's emphasis on local charm and character. A white shower curtain is partially pulled aside, while a gold-toned shower head and a simple ceiling light fixture complete the scene.

Looking Forward

Pacific Shore Stones is excited about the future of stone in design, particularly here in Northwest Arkansas. The region is home to many creative minds who are pushing the boundaries of traditional design. With the industry’s advancements and a collective return to elemental design principles, stone is set to play a pivotal role in shaping the aesthetic landscape. As these trends continue to evolve, stone will undoubtedly help create spaces that are both striking and timeless.

To stay in the know and to explore how you can incorporate these trends into your home, visit Pacific Shore Stones and follow them on Insta. Embrace the new stone age and transform your space with the timeless beauty of stone!

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