6 Mocktails to Sip This Winter—And Beyond

Originally published by THE SCOUT GUIDE on January 3, 2023.

There was a time when alcohol-free beverages were a sad afterthought, but with the advent of ABV-free spirits and non alcoholic wine and beer, bartenders have upped their game. So whether you’re celebrating dry January or simply opting for an alcohol-free lifestyle, these spirit-free libations from scouted businesses across the nation will enable you to imbibe without any ill effects. We’ll raise a glass to that!


“Pattaya Pearl is a mocktail that has Thai influences—thanks to the curry and cardamom syrup— that are in perfect harmony with the flavor of coconut,” says Brittney Gaudet, assistant food and beverage director of The Hive in Bentonville, Arkansas. “It’s a light and refreshing drink that has an understated note of curry leaves with a burst of citrus from the lime zest.” 

Yields 1 serving


For the curry simple syrup

1 quart of water

8 ½ grams curry leaves

5 whole, untoasted cardamom pods

2 cups of sugar

For the cocktail

2 ounces pressed coconut water

1 ½ ounces curry simple syrup

1 ounce of coconut milk beverage

¼ ounces fresh lime juice

Club soda

Lime zest for garnish

Curry leaf stalk for garnish

Cinnamon for garnish


For the curry simple syrup

Bring the curry leaves and cardamom to a boil at 250 degrees, boil 8 minutes, add sugar, let simmer at 230 degrees for 25 minutes.

For the cocktail

Combine pressed coconut water, curry simple syrup, coconut milk, and fresh lime juice in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a serving glass with ice and top with club soda. Dash cinnamon over top, along with a generous amount of lime zest.

Recipe courtesy of Brittney Gaudet of The Hive. The Hive appears in The Scout Guide Northwest Arkansas.

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