Entrepreneurship & Wellness: A Chat with Drenched OC's Angela Parretta

Angela Parretta reading n her Orange County Pilates studio

“Entrepreneurship and wellness are intertwined,” explains Angela Parretta, Owner + Founder of Drenched OC, the hottest (literally) new Pilates studio in town. “Success isn’t just about financial gain, it’s about our personal and community well-being. And when we take care of ourselves, our business thrives and our clients benefit,” she continues. 

Intrigued – and, after hours of her heated reformer classes, convinced – we chatted with the Volume 1 member about her entrepreneurial and wellness journey, which centers around empowering others to find their own mind-body connection.

TSG Newport Beach: Let’s start at the beginning. What laid the groundwork for Drenched OC? 
Angela Parretta: I loved movement from a young age. I was a dancer and cheerleader throughout high school and college, followed by three years with the NFL. While studying Physical Therapy in college, I started teaching group exercise. I fell in love with helping others feel good about themselves. Since then, I’ve taught it all — from step aerobics in the early ‘90s, slide (anyone remember that?), water aerobics, boxing, yoga, Pilates, cycling/spin, trampoline class, treadmill workouts, heavy weight classes to bodyweight-only. You name it, I’ve most likely taught it. 

TSG Newport Beach: You exclusively offer Pilates at Drenched. What narrowed your focus?
Angela Parretta: My love for Pilates is endless. Not only is Pilates restorative and therapeutic, the workout inspires a powerful connection between the mind and body. And anyone can do it! 

TSG Newport Beach: What motivated you to take the entrepreneurial leap and open your own studio?
Angela Parretta: It was at my client’s suggestion! I was teaching at several studios and kept hearing the feedback that I should open my own studio. 

TSG Newport Beach: Your first location was in Los Angeles. What inspired you to open your second in Newport Beach? 
Angela Parretta: I decided to open a second Drenched location because sun, sand, and fitness enthusiasm come together in perfect harmony in the coastal paradise that is Newport Beach. It’s the ideal backdrop for our unique approach.

TSG Newport Beach: For the uninitiated, what is the Drenched approach?
Angela Parretta: Our mission is to offer a new level of health and wellness through our heated reformer Pilates studio. As such, Drenched offers a unique, year-round opportunity to sculpt and tone in what feels like a vacation workout. 

TSG Newport Beach: Let’s talk more about your classes. What inspires the structure and flow? 
Angela Parretta: My goal is to design a class that not only makes you sweat and engage ever muscle, but, perhaps most importantly, targets the core of your spirit. To do so, I take a holistic approach encompassing those physical, mental, and spiritual components of movement.

TSG Newport Beach: Can you walk us through a class? 
Angela Parretta: Each class is carefully choreographed to create a seamless progression, starting with a warm up that prepares the body and mind. From there, we move into a series of exercises targeting various muscle groups to focus on strength, flexibility, and balance. These movements are designed to challenge clients physically while promoting mindfulness and connection to their bodies. As we near the end of a class, we will transition to cool-down and stretching, allowing the body to recover and clients to leave feeling rejuvenated. 

TSG Newport Beach: As regular attendees, we know that breathing is an essential component of your classes… 
Angela Parretta: Absolutely. I synchronize breathing techniques with movements to foster that all-essential mind-body connection and encourage a deep sense of focus and presence.

TSG Newport Beach: It’s clear that, at Drenched, mental wellness is just as important as physical wellness…
Angela Parretta: Mental wellness is integral to our approach — it’s woven into the very fabric of what we do. In my opinion, it’s just as important as physical wellness. Our classes are designed to provide a holistic experience, focusing not only on physical strength and flexibility but also on mental clarity and emotional well-being. We strive to create a supportive and nurturing environment where clients can work on their physical fitness and unwind, reduce stress, and connect with like-minded individuals.

TSG Newport Beach: Drenched OC is firmly ensconced at the intersection of wellness and entrepreneurship. How does each inform the other? 
Angela Parretta: Entrepreneurship and wellness can go hand-in-hand in a truly transformative way. At Drenched OC, we’ve embraced this synergy wholeheartedly. As an entrepreneur, I’ve learned that running a business is a journey filled with highs and lows, and it’s easy to get lost in the hustle. That’s where wellness comes into play.

TSG Newport Beach: Can you elaborate? 
Angela Parretta: Prioritizing wellness isn’t just about personal health; it’s a strategic business move. When I’m at my best physically and mentally, I can lead my team with more focus and resilience. Wellness practices, like regular exercise and mindfulness, keep me grounded and help me make better decisions. Moreover, Drenched is all about helping people achieve their wellness goals, whether it’s through our fitness classes or the positive community Drenched fosters. This alignment of our business mission with personal well-being creates a powerful synergy. When you’re passionate about wellness, it’s not just a job, it’s a calling. That passion fuels my entrepreneurial spirit.


Angela Parretta

TSG Newport Beach: Beyond prioritizing personal wellness, what advice would you give to young entrepreneurs? 
Angela Parretta: Embrace the journey and be open to learning at every step. Entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster ride with its ups and downs. It’s easy to get discouraged, but remember that challenges are just opportunities disguised. Build a strong support network, surrounding yourself with mentors and a team that shares your vision. Stay true to your passion. When you love what you do, it’s easier to weather the storms and keep pushing forward. And finally, be adaptable. The business landscape evolves rapidly, and you must be flexible and open to change. What worked yesterday might not work tomorrow, so always be willing to pivot and innovate. The entrepreneurial journey is as much about personal growth as it is about building a successful business. Embrace it with an open heart, and you’ll find the rewards are worth every challenge you face.

TSG Newport Beach: What’s next for Drenched? 
Angela Parretta: The future for Drenched is incredibly exciting. It’s all about growth, connection, and transformation. We’re evolving into a well-being hub through our new podcast, “Reformer Talks,” franchising opportunities, and an activewear line, “Anunnzi,” named after my beloved grandmother. 

TSG Newport Beach: What can we expect from your upcoming podcast?
Angela Parretta: Expect candid conversations with celebrities and influencers about what has reformed them in their lives. It’s a unique opportunity to dive into the stories, inspiration, and transformations of some incredible individuals. We’re really looking forward to sharing those conversations with our audience and extending the Drenched community beyond the studio. 

TSG Newport Beach: And from your activewear collection? 
Angela Parretta: The collection is designed to reflect the same balance of beauty, strength, and spirit that we promote at Drenched. It’s an extension of our mission, a way for people to carry a piece of our wellness philosophy with them, both in and out of the studio.

TSG Newport Beach: Let’s talk about life beyond the studio. When you’re not at Drenched, where can we find you? 
Angela Parretta: Locally-owned businesses are the fabric of Newport Beach, enriching the local culture and contributing to the vibrant, diverse, and flourishing community I feel fortunate to be a part of. In addition to my fellow scouted members, some of my favorites to support include Wild Strawberry Cafe, Ty Alexander Salon, Rothschild’s, Tiffany Hunter Home, Ms Moxie Project

TSG Newport Beach: What do you love most about living and owning a business in Newport Beach? 
Angela Parretta: The best part of living in Newport Beach is the incredible fusion of natural beauty, vibrant community, and active lifestyle. This coastal paradise offers stunning beaches, perfect weather, and breathtaking sunsets that never get old. The sense of community here is remarkable. People are friendly and welcoming, and there’s a strong bond among residents. We support each other, and that’s something special.

To learn more about Drenched OC upcoming podcast, activewear collection, and franchising opportunities, follow along with them on Instagram. To view the class schedule and book, head to drenchedoc.com. Don’t forget to tell them Scout sent you!