A Designer's Guide to Developing Personal Style at Home

Robin Weller of Robin Weller Design got her start in the business of homes at 22 in luxury residential real estate. By 26, she’d built her first home. And since? She’s built or remodeled thirty homes across Orange County, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Palm Desert.

Her current project? An eponymous design firm and shop that embodies her longtime love of interiors and the idea of home. Recently, Robin opened her storefront and studio at fellow Volume 1 Member, Lido Marina Village. Eschewing her California Coastal style, the storefront acts as both a point of inspiration for design-minded locals and an opportunity to connect with future clients. It’s not uncommon for shoppers to pop in for a browse and leave with an appointment for a consultation.

In that vein, we tapped Robin for her expertise in fashioning a house into a home. And as the designer regularly reimagines her studio/shop with new and interesting finds, we begged her for extra tips on zushing the home with items we own and love as well as a few furnishings and curios from local favorites.

Honor the architecture. When taking on a new project, I like to focus on the architectural style of the home and what it calls for decor-wise. While I would describe my style as “California Coastal” it’s important to me that I help clients curate a home that feels authentic to them and the house in which they’ve made a home.

Define your identity. I like to spend quite a bit of time with clients in the beginning of our work together to really understand how they live and what they value. This, I think, is the basis of creating an authentic personal aesthetic at home and my goal is to translate my findings into my design plane. Interestingly, I can usually get a good sense of someone’s interior design style by their personal style as there tends to be crossover between what clients gravitate towards for their wardrobe and what they gravitate towards in their home especially in the luxury market. So, take cues from what you like in your closet — maybe it’s filled with hard-working basics or trend-forward showstoppers — and let that inspire you at home.

Source inspiration. Flip through magazines, peruse designer portfolios (not just their Instagram, as you’ll typically find a more comprehensive look at their work) visit Orange County’s wealth of design-minded boutiques and showrooms, saving the textiles, colors, and rooms that inspire you. And don’t be afraid to look in unconventional places for inspiration. Like I said, you can glean a lot from your personal style

Find the happy. I firmly believe that your home should be your happy place. So, fill it with the things you love. If that’s bold palettes, embrace it! If it’s more serene neutrals, embrace that! That said, if you are afraid of color, art and accessories are the perfect way to introduce a bit.

Integrate antiques. I love pulling from a client’s existing collection of furniture, especially when that collection includes antiques or pieces with history and memories. It imbues the space with a sense of their character and story. It also ensures that the space doesn’t feel like it’s pulled from a catalogue.

Collect accessories. My favorite home accessories are great coffee table books. If you’re just starting a coffee table book collection, opt for books that align with your interests and personal history. This will help reflect your identity and values in your home. And don’t be afraid to move your accessories — coffee table books included — around your home. I love moving pieces around and believe it can create a fresh, new look without the need for a shopping spree.

Set the tone. My favorite way to set the tone for a house is with a great entryway piece that makes a statement to your guests. Combine all of the above tips to create a vignette that speaks to you and your family. That said, make sure to connect the home by employing similar textures, colors, or elements to ensure there’s a nice flow.


Visit Robin Weller at Lido Marina Village (3430 Via Lido Ste 150) for inspiration and ample furniture and accessories with which to zhush your home. You can also tap Robin Weller for her design expertise — no matter the size of the project — just don’t forget to tell her Scout sent you!

Lincoln Lane designed by Robin Weller Design as photographed by Christina Amidon Photography.