Villa Vici House Tour

Step into a modern coastal oasis as Villa Vici unveils their latest project in Pass Christian, Mississippi. This beautiful home showcases a blend of modern furnishings and the coast life. Villa Vici offers comprehensive interior design services, collaborating with architects during the pre-construction phase and guiding clients through every detail, from colour schemes and lighting selection to space planning for all furniture selections, and beyond. Experience the world of Villa Vici by browsing the photos below.

Interior design showcasing a modern living space with a serene ocean view, featuring two plush olive green velvet chairs with unique eye-patterned decorative pillows, situated on a black and white geometric rug. The space is complemented by a textured white side table and natural light flooding through floor-to-ceiling windows, highlighting a curated ambiance in line with The Scout Guide aesthetic.
Elegantly designed room with a cohesive black, white, and gold color scheme showcasing The Scout Guide's style. Features include black bunk beds with gold railings, matching gold chandelier, and accents. Central focus on a sophisticated black couch with a zebra patterned cushion, flanked by a floor lamp and side table. A zebra stripe area rug anchors the space, complemented by floor-to-ceiling curtains that ensure privacy and natural light control.
A stylish bedroom featuring a four-poster bed with white bedding, a fur throw on a chaise lounge, sheer curtains framing a window with a view of the water, and elegant, minimalistic furniture including a marble side table. The interior design reflects a modern aesthetic reminiscent of The Scout Guide's emphasis on local luxury and sophisticated living spaces.

Villa Vici provides a range of custom window treatments, rugs, and custom upholstery services tailored to your needs. Their team will measure, assist in fabric selection, and oversee the seamless installation of all drapery throughout your home.

Bright and airy living space with modern white plush armchairs adorned with decorative pillows, accented by a round glass side table. The room features a large window with sheer curtains, flooding the space with natural light, and a minimalist artwork hangs on the wall, contributing to the elegant and serene atmosphere showcased in The Scout Guide.
A chic interior featuring a bold black and white tropical leaf pattern wallpaper, complementing the modern black countertop with sleek gold fixtures. A round mirror with a thin gold frame adds a touch of elegance alongside two wall-mounted gold sconces. An orchid plant in a black vase infuses a hint of nature, resonating with The Scout Guide's emphasis on stylish, curated living spaces.
Elegant bedroom featuring a white four-poster bed with black and white bedding, two matching table lamps on a contemporary white dresser, zebra-striped pillows that complement the minimalist decor, and floor-to-ceiling curtains that add to the luxurious feel of the space, channeling The Scout Guide's aesthetic of curated sophistication.
A modern and bright bathroom interior features a sleek white freestanding bathtub and a floating vanity with gold fixtures. Above the tub hangs a starburst chandelier, adding a touch of elegance. The decor is complemented by a textured white piece of wall art, rolled towels, and a vase of flowers on the countertop. The room is bathed in natural light, creating a serene atmosphere that aligns with The Scout Guide's emphasis on stylish living spaces.
Modern kitchen interior featuring a clean white minimalist design with a marbled black island counter, sleek white cabinetry, and pendant lighting. The décor includes a large abstract art piece on the wall and white chairs with golden accents which embody the elegance of The Scout Guide's aesthetic.
A modern minimalist living room featuring a white leather couch adorned with zebra-stripe pillows, flanked by a green potted plant, all positioned under two framed abstract artworks against a white wall with a slanted ceiling. The decor reflects a clean, elegant style, aligning with The Scout Guide's emphasis on curated and stylish living spaces.
A chic and modern entryway featuring a striking black ribbed console table adorned with a gold lamp, a round mirror with a radiant gold frame, and a vibrant, tall painting of a regal figure. A window seat with a graphic cushion and a black cowhide rug add texture to the space, creating a stylish visual harmony that embodies The Scout Guide's emphasis on elegant and curated interiors.

Villa Vici represents several artists and partners with clients to commission custom pieces for their homes. From determining size, composition, and colour to selecting framing and overseeing installation, Villa Vici collaborates closely with each artist to craft truly unique pieces for the client.

A modern dining room featuring a sleek white table with gold accents, surrounded by matching white chairs with gold legs. Above the table hangs a contemporary chandelier with gold arms. On the wall, an abstract painting in whites, grays, and a pop of yellow adds an artistic touch. The space is brightened by natural light from large sliding glass doors that provide a view of the serene water outside. Each corner of the room is adorned with tall potted plants in white vases, enhancing the room's elegant and fresh ambiance, in line with The Scout Guide's aesthetic of spotlighting local elegance and modern interior design.
A stylish living room featuring The Scout Guide aesthetics with a modern black sectional sofa and a green velvet accent chair. The room is accented with geometric patterns and organic elements, including a striking zebra print over the fireplace on a textured white brick wall, flanked by abstract art and lush green plants. A contemporary chandelier hangs overhead, complementing the sleek glass coffee table at the center.

When you are ready to hire the expert, contact Villa Vici to discover how they can transform your space. Visit their showroom at 4112 Magazine Street to see what’s in store. If you want to experience the world of Villa Vici, they offer luxury rentals in New Orleans and Covington.

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