THE LOCAL: Paul Morse, Photographer


As we are prepare to dive deep into photographing The Scout Guide New Orleans Volume 9, I would like to reintroduce to you our amazing photographer Paul Morse. Paul’s talent and unique style have earned him the trust of Presidents, world leaders, Fortune 50 companies and numerous brides and grooms. Here he shares a little bit more about her business and how he’s living and loving local.

What’s your business up to right now?

While the event industry in NOLA has taken a pause, I have been shooting images for local businesses and entities like B. Viz Design , Friends of City Park, and The Scout Guide New Orleans. Also I’ve been helping local professionals update their headshots. I’ve used the pause to document New Orleans’ reaction to the historic events.

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Your biggest challenge professionally and/or personally:

For me professionally it’s been staying connected to friends and colleagues. In any given day I could run into all kinds of people and that’s what I love about our city. With business and restaurants closed it was difficult at first, but things are improving. It’s been sad to miss out on our festivals this spring, but I hope we can all celebrate again soon. Personally it has been seeing the brighter side to slowing down.

What’s bringing you joy:

During the shut down, I volunteered at the Second Harvest Food Bank along with delivering meals through and that brought me great joy over the past few months. This has been a safe way to make sure those most venerable are taken care of. The work can be tough but it’s so rewarding especially at the drive through food pantries where you can say hello to our residents and hear their words of thanks.

Why New Orleans?

I was with President Bush when he flew over New Orleans right after Katrina and for the subsequent recovery trips. I knew that despite the tragedy of the storm’s destruction the spirit of New Orleans’ people would help it rise again and I wanted to live here. In 2010 I had that chance and fell in love with the city. I had to move back to DC in 2013 but returned in 2016. Like they say here, “Everyone returns to New Orleans eventually”.

What you’re watching/reading/listening to:

This Spring I listed to the “Fest in Place” broadcasts of past Jazz Fest performances on WWOZ. It made me appreciate the music in our city even more!

Your go-to snack:

Quesadillas with Hatch Chili salsa from Costco 😉

Your favorite family activity:

The Commander’s Palace Wine and Cheese Zoom party!

The local businesses/services you’re using this week:

My wife shopped at SOSUSU for clothes this week, we previewed the world class art before Neal Auction’s latest sale and I bought peonies from Dunn and Sonnier for our anniversary. Friend and Company has been the place we both go for gifts for each other and for family.