Spaces We Love By New Orleans Interior Designers

New Orleans is known for its unique blend of cultures, and that’s reflected in the city’s interior design scene. Local designers draw inspiration from the city’s rich history, architecture, and vibrant arts scene to create inspiring spaces. Enjoy this roundup of spaces we love by Scouted New Orleans interior designers.

Hattie Sparks Interiors New Orleans Interior Designer

Hattie Sparks of Hattie Sparks Interiors

Tina Lagasse of JADE

Vikki Leftwich of Villa Vici

Vikki Leftwich of Villa Vici

Tara Shaw New Orleans Interior Designers

Tara Shaw

Melissa Rufty Interior Design

Melissa Rufty

Blair Price

Grace Kaynor of Sotre

When it’s time to look towards your exterior space, here’s a space we love from The Plant Gallery.

The Plant Gallery

The Plant Gallery