Why Not Host A Lazy Summer Weekend Brunch?

Patti India Hicks.jpg

Lately, while spending more time at home, I have been wanting to plan an at home brunch on a lazy summer weekend.

Here’s what I would I serve:

Ham & Cheese Quiche from Tartine

Heirloom Tomatoes with Patti Constantin’s Roasted Pepper Cheese Spread

Greek Girls Rice Pudding

Fresh Fruit with Gracious Bakery Shortbreads

Almond Milk Punch

Coast Roast Coffee French Roast Blend from CR Coffee Shop

2018 Jean-Jacques Girard Chardonnay Bourgogne (My new favorite I first tried at Lilette and later picked up at Elio’s)

I would adorn my table with a few of these lovelies.

Mon Coeur Tablecloth from Sotre

Melamine Plates from Friend & Company

Italian Napkins from Dunn & Sonnier or these beauties from Alexis Walter

Green Seagrass Glassware from Friend & Company

Acrylic Glassware from Jade

Herbs as a centerpiece sourced from The Plant Gallery

This Party Basin from Villa Vici or this one from Jade

Menu cards from Aux Belles Choses

Now who’s coming over for brunch?