9 Inspiring Floral Arrangements from Dunn & Sonnier


Florals are always in fashion, yet in some ways it feels like they’re having a renaissance moment. As we find ourselves in our homes more often, we’re eager to infuse something fresh into our space. When we hear a friend is sick, we call the local florist to send something in our place.

Stephen Sonnier and Roy Dunn, owners of Dunn & Sonnier Antiques, Flowers & Gifts, have been answering the call for over 25 years. Stephen Sonnier is the most sought-after florist in New Orleans, and his signature arranging style is built on gorgeous, one-of-a-kind antique containers and a more-is-more philosophy. Stephen loves filling an extraordinary vessel with flowers—roses in an antique tole planter, orchids in a clamshell, and even succulents in a casserole dish. The uniqueness and individuality of each piece is what makes this business so different from any other flower shop.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner and everyone in need of a little extra love, I am sharing some inspiring  floral arrangements from my own archive. It’s been an absolute joy working with them and watching their creativity evolve over the past nine volumes of TSG New Orleans.


My favorite arrangement to send is Dunn & Sonnier’s signature rose pavé. I peppered these throughout Octavia Art Gallery for our Volume 3 launch party for The Scout Guide New Orleans.


Alexis Walter hosted a group of Dallas women for a TSG New Orleans experience and she called Dunn & Sonnier to make an impact from start to finish. We always think about flowers for the table, but a door arrangement can really mark the occasion for any at-home experience.


I love the crisp feeling of a white and green arrangement. This tall arrangement added to the drama of the New York-style loft where I hosted the Volume 2 launch party for The Scout Guide New Orleans.


Two years later, I helped Dunn & Sonnier christen their new space on Magazine Street by hosting The Scout Guide New Orleans Volume 4 launch party in the Center Hall Cottage they purchased to fill with their antiques, gifts, and flowers. It’s truly an exquisite space, and if you live in this city and have yet to make a visit, do yourself a favor—mask up and take a trip. It will be the best way to infuse some inspiration into your day without traveling far from home. You can actually shop their floral refrigerators and they will design a very special arrangement for you while you wait.


Speaking of travel, this arrangement is inspired by the ones you see at The Ivy in Los Angeles. I had Stephen recreate it in a Julie Silvers vessel for my Art in Bloom 2018 tablescape.


This floral gumbo is one of my favorite floral interpretations ever by Stephen Sonnier, also created for Art in Bloom.


This cherub is a close-up from Volume 7 of Dunn & Sonnier’s photo shoot for The Scout Guide New Orleans.


I was truly touched to see all nine volumes of The Scout Guide New Orleans styled amongst the flowers when I arrived for the Volume 9 photo shoot.

To get started on your next arrangement, call Dunn & Sonnier at 504.524.3235 or treat yourself to a visit to their shop at 3433 Magazine Street.