About TSG Naples Editor Allison Pezzuti
Allison was born and raised in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. After attending Denison University in Ohio, she worked in advertising in New York and then event planning and public relations in Detroit. A chance meeting with her future husband in Naples, Florida, sparked a relationship that eventually brought her back to New York to work in sales and styling, but Naples beckoned. Seven years ago, Allison moved to the Florida city with her husband, Frank, and their then-one-year-old son.

Naples didn’t disappoint. Allison and her young family enjoyed everything the town had to offer, especially the unique local businesses that they had visited even before they were locals themselves. Still, Allison missed having a creative outlet. When she first saw the gorgeous images posted by The Scout Guide co-founder Susie Matheson (who happens to be Allison’s college friend), she was awestruck. Allison became Editor of TSG Naples soon after, and has been able to flex her creative muscle ever since. She enjoys discovering great local business owners, artists, artisans, and entrepreneurs and celebrating them and all that they contribute to the community. Allison considers herself their cheerleader and advocate and loves connecting them with their fellow businesses in the TSG network.

Allison and her husband, Frank, a real estate broker, live in Naples with their son Will, daughter Hannah, and puppy Archie.

Allison’s Three Favorite Reasons to Visit Naples, Florida: 

  1. The Outdoors. “Naples is nestled between gorgeous sandy beaches and the Everglades, so there is no shortage of nature activities, wildlife, and outdoor relaxation opportunities. The Conservancy of Southwest Florida and Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary as well as your own backyard are great places to catch a glimpse of the amazing flora and fauna.”
  2. The Arts and Culture. “We are home to Artis-Naples, the Naples International Film Festival, and Opera Naples.”
  3. Food and Wine. “Naples has become a foodie haven. With the presence of many international residents and events like the Naples Winter Wine Festival, we have fantastic food and some of the best wine you can find anywhere in the world.”

Words Allison Lives By:
“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” — Coco Chanel