Why to Invest in a Personal Protection Dog

Coastline K9 specializes in the reputable selection and training of highly capable family protection dogs and are passionate about providing peace of mind to you and your family in a world of uncertainty. We sat down with founder Erick Innis to discuss the process of determining if a Personal Protection Dog (PPD) is right for you and common misconceptions about these working breeds.

Determine your requirements for your dog and its suitability. Erick recommends doing preliminary research to fully understand all that goes into the process of purchasing and living with this type of dog. It’s also important to recognize that this process is an investment in you and your loved ones, so ensure your living situation is stable and suitable for a dog and that you have the budget to begin. Prior to sitting down with Erick and his team, come prepared to discuss your current and future lifestyle, ecosystem, family structure (kids, other dogs, other individuals living in your home), level of travel, and where you live. 

Select the best fit for your lifestyle. Coastline K9 emphasizes the importance of personalizing this process as your K9 will become fully immersed in your lifestyle and will spend endless hours by your side. Based on your responses to the above questions and their availability of dogs, you’ll be presented with a few options and further explore which K9 will thrive best with you, and you with it. Over the course of a month or two, you’ll go through the process of further customizing your needs; this includes any specific tasks such as assistance with a disability, gaining familiarity with a boat or plane, meeting other handlers of the dog and more. It is truly a tailored process to achieve your current and future goals with your PPD.

Learn how to work with your dog. Once your perfect dog has been identified, Coastline K9 will deliver them anywhere in the U.S. for your one-on-one extensive handler course. This will allow your dog to be introduced to their new home and lifestyle and will allow for you to learn their commands and how you’ll incorporate your PPD into daily routines. This timeframe also includes real-life training scenarios to prepare your dog for true protection and to help you feel comfortable with transitioning your dog in and out of their protective state. 


Coastline K9 works diligently to educate common misconceptions and raise awareness for these incredible dogs. Oftentimes, when someone hears “protection dog,” they assume these are dogs unsafe to be socialized publicly, with another handler or with other pets and animals.

In reality, Erick and his team familiarize their protection K9s from a young age to a variety of situations, people and animals. Unlike police dogs or typical “security” dogs, Coastline K9 works tirelessly to achieve the highest level of training so their dogs are adapted to thrive in both a Starbucks with children as well as defending your property in a carjacking.  


If you’re ready to invest in the ultimate companion and protector through Coastline K9, contact them directly and follow them on social media. Coastline K9 is based in Naples, Florida, with a newly renovated facility but travels nationwide. 

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