Pantry Organization 101

A woman stands smiling in a stylishly organized pantry with neatly arranged baskets and transparent containers on shelves, embodying The Scout Guide ethos of curated elegance and organization. She is poised in a relaxed stance, wearing a light blue shirt and white jeans, complementing the clean and modern aesthetic of the space. A chic globe pendant light accents the tidy area above her.
Photography by Audrey Snow Owen for The Scout Guide Naples Vol. 10

The kitchen and pantry are the heart of the home, and Kristen Karnes, owner of Naples-based Simple Spaces Organizing Co., is an expert at creating spaces that prioritize what matters most. We tapped Kristen to provide a few key insights into pantry organization to optimize the functionality and sustainability of your kitchen.

Start with an edit. An edit is essential to set yourself up for success! Pull everything out into an open space where you can see what you’re working with. Sort by category, throw out items that are expired, and donate any household items that you no longer use or love.

Create zones. Strategize the layout of your space to create optimal flow for your day to day. Create a “zone” for baking supplies, cooking utensils, barware, kids’ snacks, etc. This will allow you to quickly access what you need when you need it. Zones also provide a system for putting things away and maintaining a decluttered kitchen.

Create a back stock supply. Outside of your everyday essentials, keep a back stock supply on hand for those items that your family goes through quickly! This could include dry goods like rice and pasta or household supplies like paper towels and dish soap.

Choose product. When it comes to the aesthetics of pantry organization, keep the rule of three in mind. Kristen likes to mix acrylic, woven baskets, and metal. Choose your favorite texture as the main material, then supplement with the others! Her team always leans into their clients’ preference for the look and feel they want to maintain in their kitchen to coincide with the rest of their home’s interior.

Label, label, label! Especially for a pantry, there is a constant rotation of items in and out, often among multiple family members. Labeling is a great way to keep the space organized by making it easier for everyone to find what they need and put away new items.

Decant your spices. You’ve probably seen your favorite Instagram influencer show off their beautiful spice drawer and felt inspired to do the same. We say go for it! Not only is decanting spices into matching labeled jars oh-so satisfying, it’s also functional. It prevents you from over-purchasing or repurchasing spices you already own and also allows you to see the levels of your available spices. And—bonus—spice jars always fit more nicely in the drawer when they are all the same size!

Maintain a kid-friendly kitchen. Creating pantry organization systems that the entire family can take part in is essential. Keep snacks and your kids’ cups and place settings in an area that’s easy for little ones to reach. Kristen always recommends including your kids by having them help put away groceries and unload the dishwasher.

If you’re ready to transform your kitchen, pantry, or any other space in your Naples, FL home, give Kristen and her team a call. Simple Spaces Organizing Co. takes care of the entire process, from editing and sorting to labeling and even donating items on your behalf. And be sure to tell them Scout sent you!

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