Naples Natives: Vivian Grimes

The Scout Guide’s mission is to help you live like a local—wherever you are. For our new Naples Natives series, we’re tapping into TSG members who know Naples better than anyone: They were born and raised here, and now they’re also successful entrepreneurs growing their businesses here. We caught up with Vivian Grimes, founder of Henri Noël Jewelry, who shared what she loves most about Naples—including her top local spots to shop, dine and catch the sunset.

How long have you lived in Naples? I was born and raised in Naples. I lived here my entire life until I left for college in Boston—go Eagles! I then went to Los Angeles for postgraduate studies at the University of Southern California. After receiving my master’s and then working in LA for three or four years, I decided to make my way back to Naples to launch Henri Noël. I’ve been in Naples since 2019, and I could not be happier and more grateful to live here.

What was it like growing up in Naples? I get this question a lot! So many friends who have connections in Naples or visit frequently tend to be curious about growing up in a so-called seasonal city. I really loved growing up here because of how close my parents are to my friends and friends’ parents. It’s a great community that is incredibly supportive of each other!

Where have your travels taken you outside of Naples? I have traveled to around 20 countries during my experience abroad. My favorite city was Edinburgh because I found the quaint retail shops to have unique finds, the people were exceptionally friendly, and I got to hike in a kilt and suede boots. I cannot think of anything better and more “me!”

Where can we find you locally when you’re not in the Gem Den? You can find me outside! I ran track and field throughout college, and although I can no longer put up the mileage I used to, it remains one of my favorite pastimes. Having the beach so accessible is something I do not take for granted and frequent often.

Favorite spot for happy hour or a night out? Del Mar with a nightcap at The Vine Room.

Favorite spot to watch the sun set? Doctors Pass Beach. You have the beach and large rocks to climb over to watch the boats pass by.

Your go-to “locals only” spot in Naples? I am a huge fan of Bodega Olé in Lake Park. I studied abroad in Madrid back in college, and being at Bodega always takes me back to that time in Europe where I met so many new friends and got to experience a completely new culture. I also have to mention GW Pilates. Gina personalizes all the workouts for you so you will no doubt get one of the best workouts ever.

Why did you decide to base your business out of Naples? I decided to base Henri Noël out of Naples because of my father. He has been in the business for over 40 years in Naples, and we create all the pieces together. From conception, sourcing, casting and stone setting, it is something we truly enjoy doing together. He has been an incredible mentor to me as I work to grow and expand Henri Noël. In addition, the Naples community is one-of-a-kind—they see the value in supporting locally owned businesses and investing in fine handcrafted jewelry.

What are your favorite locally owned spots in Naples? Kunjani Craft Coffee & Gallery, Marissa Collections and Casa Perfect are a few of my go-tos in Naples.

2314 Immokalee Road, Naples
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