Inspired by TSG: The House of Drop's Custom Vol. 11 Artwork

Courtesy of Madeline Paige Photography

The House of Drop is a contemporary fine art studio in Naples, which we’re proud to feature in Volume 11 of The Scout Guide Naples. For our launch party, artists and cofounders (and husband-and-wife duo) Fabrizio Venuta and Britt Steele created a custom piece of art inspired by Volume 11’s cover colors, which formed the perfect backdrop for our photo booth!

Using their signature method, Fabrizio and Britt applied thousands of layers of “drops” of paint—in hues of periwinkle, purple, apple green, and gold sparkles that represent The Scout Guide’s gold medallion—finished with marine-grade, high-gloss resin, which results in the drip effect you see at the bottom of all of their pieces. In all, the process takes hundreds of hours.

Canvas isn’t their only medium, though—Fabrizio and Britt can transform nearly any object into a piece of art, from lampshades to surfboards, chairs, wine bottles, and even designer tote bags. They are also available for custom commissions.

If you’d like to own this one-of-a-kind piece of The Scout Guide, their Volume 11-inspired painting is available to purchase, along with several other pieces of various sizes and colors, at their showroom at 5532 Shirley St. in Naples. Call or text 615.512.8485 to schedule an appointment—and be sure to tell them Scout sent you!