Expert Tips: Summer Haircare & Beauty

While summer presents the perfect opportunity for outdoor gatherings, lazy afternoons poolside, and a sunkissed glow, the harsh effects of warmer temperatures and powerful rays can be seen on skin and hair. Here, two Scouted beauty experts share their expert advice for protecting your skin and hair all season long.


Lyndsey Paradis, Habit Hand-Tied Extension specialist at The Extension Bar at Salon Couture:

Extending the lifetime of your extensions and color starts in the shower. During the summer months, your hair is craving extra moisture, so Lyndsey recommends indulging in a deep-conditioning treatment to replenish hair after spending time in the sun or in the water.

Lyndsey’s store-bought recs: the Oribe Gold Lust Transformative Masque or the K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask. Her custom at-home treatment of choice: Combine 2 tablespoons of liquid coconut oil and 2 tablespoons of liquid jojoba oil. Lightly coat your hair, making it damp—not drenched—with these oils. Then wrap your hair in a towel turban and leave the mixture on overnight. When you shampoo in the morning, rinse your hair for two to three minutes before shampooing, followed by your favorite conditioner. “You can thank me later—it’s amazing!” she says.

Reduce direct sun exposure. Instead, put on your favorite sun hat and tuck away your luscious locks to keep the UV rays from stripping your color.

When applying SPF, be mindful of the formula, as some can turn your blonde hair brassy or even pink. Lyndsey advises using a sunscreen without avebenzone (butyl methoxydibenzolymethane) and octocrylene. To avoid those tongue twisters, shop the shelves for mineral-based sunscreens!

Keep tangles at bay. If you’re spending a day on the water, tie your extensions back and condition and brush them well with a Wet Brush immediately upon returning to dry land. “I like to clip away a section between the rows of my extensions and make sure to brush each row well, roots to ends, to ensure that no knotting or matting is happening at the root area,” Lyndsey says. She recommends using her overnight oil treatment recipe (detailed above) after a boating day to replenish moisture.


Dr. Kiran Gill, board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Naples Aesthetic Institute:

Stay diligent about SPF. To achieve that dewy summer glow we all know and love, Dr. Gill reinstates the importance of your SPF—with a twist. First, make sure your coverage is at least SPF 30. After applying underneath makeup in the morning, carry it with you to reapply throughout the day. (Dr. Gill recommends every two hours.) Fully cover your face and neck, and any excess can be used on your hands, a spot most people forget to protect!

Adjust your typical skincare routine to account for more time spent in the sun and the warmer temperatures outdoors. Double cleansing in the morning and night supports clean, sweat-free skin. Follow cleansing with a vitamin C serum daily, and lighten up on moisturizer and heavier cream and oil products, as they can suffocate the skin during the summer months. Dr. Gill recommends avoiding harsh peels during the summertime as this can lead to increased pigmentation from sun exposure.

Consistency is key! Dr. Gill emphasizes drinking plenty of water to keep your body (and skin) hydrated as well as continuing your monthly facials for maintenance. In addition to wearing sun protection, like an oversized hat, avoid being in direct sunlight from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. when the sun is the most powerful.