Mother's Day Gift Guide: Nantucket Edition

Explore an array of specially selected delights, spanning from skincare treats to chic fashion finds and refined home accents, each meticulously chosen to celebrate the remarkable mothers in your life. Dive into Stacey Leuliette’s, Editor of The Scout Nantucket, curated collection of Mother’s Day treasures from an array of beloved Nantucket small businesses below.

A golden necklace with a textured, circular pendant featuring embossed designs, displayed against a plain white background, echoing the refined aesthetic of The Scout Guide.

1. Susan Lister Locke Star and Sea Pendant in 18K Gold

Elegant golden bracelet with intertwined thin bands showcasing a cluster of irregularly shaped pearls, capturing the essence of The Scout Guide's commitment to local craftsmanship and sophisticated style.

2. Bodega Pearl Baroque Bangles

A serene and stylish room with a white interior featured in The Scout Guide. Three cozy armchairs with white cushions and blue pillows are accompanied by woven round ottomans on a wooden floor. Above the chairs, a chic neon sign reads "Ready, Set, Glow" in cursive script, adding a warm ambiance to the space. Natural light streams in from the window on the left, draped with sheer curtains, while minimalist wall sconces add to the room's elegant charm.

3. Glistn Nantucket IV Hydration Restore Treatment

An inviting outdoor patio area with a mix of modern and rustic elements reflective of The Scout Guide ethos. Elegant white umbrellas provide shade over cozy seating arrangements featuring wicker chairs and cushioned benches. Decorative green plants in terracotta pots add a touch of nature against the backdrop of a classic ivy-covered wall and traditional architectural details of the adjacent building. The overall ambiance of the space is one of relaxed sophistication, where conversation and community could effortlessly unfold.

4. Sistership A Little R&R

A triptych of gourmet dishes presented as part of The Scout Guide's culinary showcase: the first is a plate of herb-crusted lamb chops served over couscous, the second a vibrant Green gazpacho garnished with a citrus slice and herb leaf, sprinkled with toasted seeds, and finally, individual desserts of whipped cream and nuts layered over a crumbly base, served in glass jars on an ornate white plate.

5. The Private Plate Private Chef for a week

A person holds an open container of a skincare product, possibly demonstrating a beauty routine highlighted in The Scout Guide. They are focusing intently on the container, which suggests the importance of the product's application or contents.

6. Jaimie DeRosa Liquid Facelift 

A stylish fedora hat with a beige base and adorned with a pink bandana featuring intricate patterns, evoking the fashionable aesthetics seen in The Scout Guide.

7. Sarah Bray Bermuda Orchid Sun Hat

A display of colorful bottled beverages aligned neatly on a shelf, with labels indicating various juice flavors like orange and green vegetable juices, paired with artfully arranged cookies and pastries on a tray above, epitomizing the curated lifestyle aesthetic promoted by The Scout Guide.

8. Lemon Press Lemon Press Juices

9. Nathan Coe Nantucket Book by Nathan Coe

A well-organized shelf displaying an eclectic collection of items including decorative plants, ceramic pitchers, cookbooks, mini cars, and kitchen utensils, with each item meticulously placed to create an aesthetically pleasing arrangement that captures the essence of The Scout Guide's focus on local businesses and stylish living spaces.

10. Neat Knack Personalized Organization Services