A Golden Drop of Zaazey olive oil

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As the owner of a small business myself, I love supporting and sharing the story of other women owned businesses. Zazzey Olive Oil, was brought to life in the beautiful Ada Mountains, right on the Aegean Seacoast of Turkey. It was here among Nature’s richest elements where owner Laura Zaazey’s senses came to life! During their most recent trip, Laura and her family were introduced to the world’s finest family of olive growers for three generations. With careful attention to choosing the best trees, picking premium quality olives and using meticulously orchestrated cold press methods, her family has created the finest olive oil on the international market!

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Zaazey’s mission is to incorporate high ethical standards and socially responsible business practices to produce the finest quality olive oil in the world while promoting sustainable agriculture, enhanced return on investment for their farmers and always a honest transparent and open relationship with their growers.

Zaazey truly is the perfect olive oil for every epicurean! Imagine fresh olive juice, from an early harvest immediately following the first rains of the season, hand-picked and taken to be cold pressed within minutes to a few hours of being harvested; then pressed with special attention to preserving all the healthy poly-phenols and anti-oxidants! My personal favorite is the Golden Drops! Purchase and learn more about Zaazey here!