My Tucson with Kimberly Coffman of Fine Art Interior

Kimberly Coffman is the talented founder and owner of Fine Art Interior, a luxurious full service interior design firm born in Tucson. If you are looking to spice up your space with one-of-a-kind interiors that reflect your personality and style, Fine Art Interior is the perfect designer for you. 

Flawlessly merging  functionality and design, Kimberly looks to enhance your home’s practicality and overall beauty by creating masterpieces that are meant for everyday living. Having been featured in HGTV, Tucson Lifestyle, and the Arizona Daily Star, her talents are highly recognized in the  home decor and design industry.

 Keep reading to learn more about how Kimberly started her business and what she loves most about our thriving and vibrant Tucson community! 

Why did you move to Tucson and how the city has shaped your business?

“ I came to Tucson to go to the University of Tucson. It has shaped my business in terms of interior design by appreciating contemporary southwest architecture and design. It has a touchstone of earth elements that are very grounding and I love the clean lines of southwest contemporary with mixes of nature such as natural rock and earth tones.”

At what point did you know you were ready to start/building your business? 

“ I transitioned from another business I had directly into interior design when I was getting more and more requests from builders and contractors to put together color palettes and recommendations on design elements”

Speaking of your business, where did the name of your business come from? 

“ I have a fine art back ground. I have classical training in painting and sculpting which added to my interior design education and approach to interior design”

What part of your career and business is most gratifying to you? 

“ When I physically change the environment from something that was lacking or disrepair and transform it into something beautiful. I strive to transform a space into a beautiful space but always aim to make it more organized and highly functioning. There’s nothing more frustrating to me than a newly design space that does not function well.”

What do you love the most about this city?

I have learned to appreciate Tucson more and more every year for it’s surrounding beauty of the mountains that we are nestled up against. I also love the cultural roots with warm people and great down to earth food.”

You know you’re a Tucsonan when….?

You know you are a Tucsonan when you know the best little taco place that’s off the beaten path that only the locals know about.”

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If you would like to work with Kimberly, head on over to her website to view the available services and make sure to follow Fine Art Interior on Instagram to view stunning design inspiration, mood boards, and trends !

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