Hosting Hacks with Interwoven and Stone Interiors

Christmas is a time for joy, celebration, and creating cherished memories with loved ones. In just a few days, we will be gathering with family and friends to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Some of us will be hosting, which presents a wonderful opportunity to make guests feel welcome and special, but can also cause a bit of stress as the occasion draws near. Here, we’ve caught up with Sadie Solberg Dumas, owner of Interwoven, and Dustin Weil, owner of Stone Interiors, about how they are getting their homes ready for the holidays.

Pre-Hosting with Interwoven

When it comes to hosting, Interwoven has everything you need to elevate your party whether you are looking for everyday wine glasses or the perfect finishing touch to your holiday tablescape. At Interwoven, they strive to provide the Mobile Bay area with a well-curated selection of quality items that will enhance both your life internally and externally. Owner, Angela Weil shared, “There are so many people with multi-dimensional life experiences living in our Bay Area, so it only seems natural to seek connection with them to exchange ideas to collectively enhance our lifestyles.”

From decorations to delicious food and festive activities, there are countless ways to make your Christmas party unforgettable. “You can never go wrong with a signature cocktail or two and a festive bar setup,” stated Dumas. She was generous enough to share two of her go-to cocktails this season made from their Hot Ruby Cranberry Cider.

Below we have included the cocktail recipes along with a few of our favorite holiday finds currently at Interwoven.

Hot Ruby Cranberry Cider Mimosa Recipe: 

– Half Prosecco 

– Half Hot Ruby Cranberry Cider (chilled)

– Garnish with cranberry’s and rosemary

Tip: Have a few poured and ready for sippin’ as soon as your guests arrive. Which always sets the tone for the evening! So easy, festive and tastes too good!

Hot Ruby Toddy Recipe: 

– 3/4 cup of Hot Ruby Warmed 

– one ounce of your choice of Bourbon or Whiskey 

– garnish with Rosemary

Tip: This drink is bold, strong, and full of flavor, perfect for anyone who wants to sip on something a little more sophisticated than eggnog. It, also, pairs well with a cozy sweater and fire.

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Shop Interwoven at in downtown Fairhope (50 S. Church Street Unit A, Fairhope, AL 36532,) or online.

Post- Hosting with Stone Interiors

If you’re hosting a Christmas party this year, you have the wonderful opportunity to bring people together and create a magical experience. But that magical experience can often turn into a festive, sticky mess. Dustin Weil, owner of Stone Interiors, shared three hacks on how to save your natural stone countertops this holiday season. While natural stone countertops are durable and unique, there are certain activities that can cause them damage. Weil informed us with a few thoughtful precautions your natural stone countertops will look brand new for years to come.

Tip 1: Daily Maintenance and Cleaning

Wipe down your countertops daily with a gentle cleaning chemical. If you can’t find cleaning solutions designed especially for natural stone, mild dish soap will do just fine. Wet a soft, preferably microfiber rag, in warm water and gently rub the soap on the surface of the counter. Rinse the rag and wash off all the soap.

Pro Tip: The gentler the materials you use- the better your results will be. Acidic cleaners can break down the sealant and cause damage to the stone underneath.

Tip 2: Preventing Staining and Damages

Use placemats or coasters under glasses, dishes, and silverware that could scratch the finish. Immediately, if possible, clean up any spills, especially of acidic food, to prevent staining. Most importantly, never place anything straight from the oven onto the countertop! The sudden heat can soften the sealant or even cause cracks to form in the countertop slab.

Pro Tip: Place a hot pad or cooling rack on the counter first.

Tip 3: Handling Stains and Scratches

Prepare yourself for the enviable- that stains and scratches will sometimes happen. To remove a stain, start by clearing the area and blotting the stained area. Do not wipe it up that will cause the stain to spread more. Wash the area with a mild soap and warm water. If your have a stubborn stain, use a small amount of hydrogen peroxide diluted in warm water to gently wash the stained area.

When it comes to scratches, you are likely to handle a mild scratch with a buffing powder or solution specifically for natural stone. Gently buff the area with a soft cloth or buffing pad and continue until the scratch is no longer visible.

Pro Tip: For extra stubborn stains and deep/extensive scratches, contact your countertop provider for help.

Visit Stone Interiors showroom at 30281 Co Rd 49, Loxley, AL 36551, and/or schedule a consultation.

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