Experience the joy of uninterrupted, full nights of sleep with Elizabeth Zarzour, M.S. CCC-SLP, the dedicated owner of EZ Sleep Training. Drawing on over a decade of expertise as a Speech Language Pathologist in home health, Elizabeth has not only honed her professional skills but has also navigated the challenges of sleep with her own three children. During her own experiences, Elizabeth emerged as a trusted confidante for friends and family grappling with sleepless nights and the unique challenges of infant and young child sleep. Recognizing her true passion, she founded EZ Sleep Training to extend her knowledge and support to others seeking the transformative goal of a well-rested family.

As a certified Newborn Care Specialist and Sleep Consultant, Elizabeth seamlessly integrates her extensive background and certifications to provide unparalleled care and support. Her commitment is not just professional but personal, driven by the fulfillment of helping others achieve the elusive dream of a healthy, well-rested family. We had the privilege of sitting down with Elizabeth to delve into her journey as a business owner and gain insights into the exceptional services she offers. Discover the clarity and real answers that EZ Sleep Training brings to the realm of family sleep, cutting through the noise and confusion to create a path toward peaceful nights for you and your children.

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Q: Why are healthy sleep habits so important for children?

EZ: Healthy sleep habits are important for the whole entire family! For adults: sleep deprivation can lead to a number of health conditions including trouble with concentration and memory, high blood pressure, and a weakened immune system- just to name a few! For children: lack of sleep can lead to difficulty with behavior, concentrating in school, and anxiety. More sleep= happier people!

Q: How did you get into pediatric sleep training?

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EZ: After working for 10 years as a home health Speech Language Pathologist, I decided it was time to make a career change to do what I’m passionate about, helping children sleep! I have three children, and like many of you, my first one threw me for a loop. Postpartum anxiety consumed me as I saw all of these schedules he was supposed to be on, the ounces he was supposed to be eating, and the amount of sleep he was supposed to be getting. I was drowning in sleep deprivation. I knew things had to change. That’s when I started researching baby sleep, the science behind it, and ways to incorporate different strategies that worked for our family. I spent the last six years consuming as much as I could about pediatric sleep, nutrition, and behavior strategies. I found that my greatest joy and passion was helping others achieve their goals for a healthy, well-rested family- and that I was good at it 😉

Q: You can help sleep train a baby over the phone or via email? Explain. 

EZ: Absolutely! Here’s what it looks like to work with me: First, we get on a call so I can hear what your sleep trouble is. You will then purchase the package I recommend, and I will send you an intake form to fill out details about your child and your goals. Once I receive that information, I will write you out a personalized sleep plan which includes everything your family needs to be successful! It covers everything from room environment, schedules, and sleep training techniques that will help you achieve your goals! Then, I’m all hands on deck with daily check ins. I’m there to support you and hold you accountable. I will not let you fail! 

Q: What would you tell the parent who thinks they are failing if they ask for help getting their children to sleep?

EZ: When you hire me, it doesn’t mean you have failed. It means you are ready to make sleep a priority in your home. I means you are doing what’s best for your child and your family. It means you know that in order to be successful you need a plan, support, accountability, and encouragement! 

Q: How are your packages structured?

EZ: I have multiple options, anywhere from a “quick fix” phone call to pick my brain, to a full 3 weeks all-in support plan! 

Check out all of her personalized sleeping packages here.

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Q: Why is it so important in the new year to get back into a normal sleep routine for children after the holidays?

EZ: January is a great time to start because it’s the time for new resolutions! But, ANY time of year is a great time to prioritize sleep! 

Q: How do we sign up?

EZ: Head to my website or email me [email protected] and let’s get to work! I can’t wait to get started! 

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