Reflect the Life You Want to Live With Unfold Architecture

Two men chatting in a stylish space for The Scout Guide.


A single sheet of crisp, white paper holds immense potential. You can manipulate it in many ways, put color to it, cut it into a new shape, weave it, or take time to fold and unfold it until it’s a beautiful masterpiece, just as you had imagined. This process is creative, where the joy comes from folding, creasing, evaluating, modifying, and unfolding, then starting again. One might not think of designing and planning the construction of modern living spaces as a similar action involving thoughtful strategies around an idea, a process, and the end result. But maybe you haven’t been introduced to Unfold Architecture, and we want to change that.


Greg Vose and Mike Gray became friends while attending Iowa State. They worked well together, challenged each other appropriately, and brought the best out in one another. After graduation, life took them in different directions, Greg to a residential architecture firm and Mike to one a bit bigger in St. Paul. In 2018, they reunited, and that synchronicity that was so easy and palpable between them in college re-emerged like the magic they achieved together. Unfold Architecture was born in 2019 out of this partnership, and in 2020 they quit their day jobs. In 2024, they’re a 4 person company, partnering with industry collaborators and walking alongside clients to create elevated modern living spaces all over the Twin Cities. You may notice each of their refined pieces of work has a name corresponding to its precise location on the Earth’s surface, indicated by its measurement in latitude. However, these coordinates will become obsolete in no time, as Unfold Architecture is destined to be everywhere.


This formidable pair is passionate about connecting with people and is committed to walking their clients through the plan, step by step, to ensure they have an equal voice in the process. “We don’t take a chunk of marble and bring it back to a fully sculpted statue. We make chips, check in, adjust, and then chip away again,” Greg shares. They’ve found this teamwork to be successful, resulting in more satisfaction and less conflict. While projects may take longer when working in this manner, the additional time isn’t used to re-work details, but rather on actively engaging in the journey from idea to conceptualization with their clients. And speaking of dedication to their craft, Greg and Mike aim to keep Unfold Architecture a small enterprise. “We want it big enough to be resilient, and small enough to allow for our [continued direct involvement].” They are also enthusiastic about expanding their work nationwide, yet they prioritize nurturing roots and actively engaging with the local community.


The definition of the word unfold, in the eyes of these visionaries, is an action invoking a process with a product at the end. They know people are passionate about their homes and that their lives will be wrapped within the walls that Greg and Mike thoughtfully design. When it’s your turn to partner with this talented team, you’ll witness the transformation of ideas into extraordinary creations, and see how it all unfolds.