Sip on a Story: The Backstory on Backstory Coffee Roasters

People are sitting on couches and ordering coffee at Backstory Coffee in the North Loop of Minneapolis.

Coffee lovers, gather round! Do you appreciate a good cup of joe and enjoy supporting local businesses with a rich history? Then you’ll want to hear the backstory on Backstory Coffee Roasters, a Minnesota-based coffee company that’s been roasting and brewing high-quality coffee for almost a decade.

From Barista to Business Owner

It all started in 2014 when Micah, a college graduate with dreams of becoming a college professor, stumbled into the world of coffee. As a barista, he learned all about the nuances of coffee, from bean sourcing to roasting to brewing. His passion for coffee led him to compete in the US Barista Championship, and ultimately decided to follow his passion and start his own coffee company.

A Slow-Growth Philosophy

Backstory Coffee Roasters began as a small wholesale and online roasting company, serving local customers with sweet, clean, and balanced coffees. Micah was a one-man show, operating out of a very small roastery (under 500 sq feet). Since then, the company has slowly but intentionally grown, prioritizing high-quality coffee and relationships with importers and coffee farmers.

Coffee with a Sense of Place

An up-close image of Pour Over Coffee being poured into a black cup by a barista with a tattoo on their hand at Backstory Coffee.

The company was initially called Bootstrap Coffee Roasters, but in 2019, it changed its name to Backstory Coffee Roasters. The name change reflects the company’s commitment to cultivating deeper connections between people by sharing stories and experiences over a great cup of coffee.

Their coffee-buying practices seek to showcase the places where their beans come from. They prioritize relationships with farmers who produce high-quality coffee with unique flavor profiles.  They then roast the beans in a way that highlights those nuances. The result is a cup of coffee that truly captures the essence of the region it comes from.

They now have two locations, one on the West Side of St. Paul and one in the North Loop of Minneapolis. Both locations offer a cozy and welcoming atmosphere to enjoy a cup of coffee or to work remotely. Each site has a slightly different vibe, but they share the same commitment to high-quality coffee and community building.

The Future of Backstory Coffee Roasters

A barista in a green hat and brown smock using coffee grinding equipment at Backstory Coffee.

Backstory Coffee Roasters has come a long way since its humble beginnings, but they remain committed to slow, intentional growth and to high-quality coffee. They plan to continue building relationships with importers and coffee farmers and expanding their reach in the Twin Cities community.

If you’re in the Twin Cities area, check out Backstory Coffee Roasters’ two locations for a delicious cup of coffee and a warm atmosphere. You can also purchase their beans online and have them delivered right to your doorstep. No matter how you enjoy it, Backstory Coffee Roasters is sure to provide a rich and flavorful experience.

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