Elevating Every Gathering with Nosh & Gather


A smiling woman in a patterned sleeveless top pours a dark liquid from a bottle into a glass jar, evoking a cheerful atmosphere reminiscent of The Scout Guide's lifestyle inspiration. The outdoor setting with sunlight filtering through the trees adds a warm and inviting ambiance.

When Liza Atkinson was asked to stock the refrigerators of her closest friends with meals and life changing convenience, she didn’t anticipate the journey ahead. What began with layering lasagnas and freezing quiches for loved ones, has evolved into creating and preparing weekly home-cooked menus to lighten the load for families, hosting secret pop-up dinner parties, and so much more. Nosh & Gather, a boutique catering service that joyfully creates delicious from-scratch food for hungry humans, fills plates and hearts, but more than that, it offers unique experiences; ones that include gathering with those you love (or those you don’t know quite yet… read on) over beautiful spreads, elegant atmospheres, and divine cuisine. Hence the name Nosh & Gather, and hence the emotion you feel when this perfect fusion of flavors collide.

“Looking back, I’m grateful to have started a business during Covid, it made me a very nimble CEO,” Liza explains. In 2020, just as Nosh & Gather was getting its start, an intense time of uncertainty and adaptation took center stage. Some of Liza’s initial plans, like a year booked with private parties, disappeared overnight… but they were replaced by bougie luxe picnics. She learned that holiday brunches, no matter the state of the world, are always a hit, and that once people felt comfortable being indoors again, bougie lux picnics would hand off the baton to corporate retreats, happy hours, and luncheons. Liza listened to her clients and asked questions like, “How can I help you?” and “What do you need?” She paid attention, shifted, and adapted; and what emerged from that approach was a transformation of her business into what it is today… and might still become. “I learned that when things change, it just opens up the opportunity for other things.”

A jovial gathering captured in The Scout Guide style, where friends cheer with wine glasses around an elegantly set table adorned with vibrant floral arrangements and dishes, creating a warm, celebratory atmosphere.


At her essence, Liza is an artist, and you will find her unique vision in everything she designs. Her secret pop-up dinners take the guests on a visually stunning, high end adventure – one where attendees and venue details remain a mystery until shortly before the event. “The connections made at these elevated gatherings are at the core of these pop-up dinners,” shares Liza. “The nights are magical.” She also crafts and leads online and in-person charcuterie classes. “We think of them as grown up Lunchables and teach the students not to overthink it,” she shares with a smile. Private events, 50 people or less, (think graduation parties and intimate weddings) also contribute to her recipe for success, along with seasonal party bundles and celebration cakes. All which contain the joy of each other’s company in beautiful surroundings as the main ingredient.

Outdoor gourmet picnic setup with a rustic wooden platter filled with a variety of cheeses, cured meats, fresh fruits, and nuts, accompanied by red wine glasses, under the warm glow of sunset, embodying The Scout Guide's ethos of curated local experiences and artisanal living.


In the church kitchen that she rents downtown Minneapolis, Liza and her two full time chefs, team of delivery drivers, and talented temp staff, are always cooking up something new. From in-home classes, “Customers want to learn how to make certain meals,” to private cheffing at an Airbnb for local celebrities, the possibilities are endless. There’s also talk of collaborations with other small businesses and private catering options where Liza and her team would set up shop in a customers kitchen to craft a delightful experience right before their eyes.

A lively gathering with individuals seated around a dining table adorned with colorful flowers, engaged in cheerful conversation in an intimate, warmly lit setting reflective of The Scout Guide's community-centric ethos. Glasses, bottles, and various food items dot the table contributing to the cozy ambiance.

Summer is around the corner and you know what that means. Hungry kids will be home and schedules will be full; making Nosh to Go meals a godsend. Take the planning and worry out of the “What’s for dinner?” question and sign up for this weekly service. Heading out of town? Liza also curates cabin-friendly meals that are easy to transport and perfect for an evening out on the water. 


Most of us can pull together a decent tasting meal that “does the trick” but what most can’t do is create a feast of experience; whether it’s your palate dancing with delight, your eyes indulging in a tableau of gourmet offerings, or the anticipation of gathering around a table of unfamiliar faces, Nosh & Gather aims for the food to be scrumptious and the gathering to be unforgettable.