Get Curious with The Curious Builder Podcast

The Curious Builder Podcast Live at The Lowlands

What are you doing on November 14th? Well, cancel it.

Instead of that basketball game or movie night, you’re heading to The Lowlands for an evening of excitement, education, and on-stage entertainment with The Curious Builder Live!

The Curious Builder Podcast is a podcast that amplifies the voice of top building professionals as they share their entrepreneurial journeys. Podcast host Mark, of Mark D. Williams Custom Homes, focuses his discussions on how his guests started and grew their businesses showcasing their challenges and wins, which naturally leads to discussions that provide the listener with insights they can apply to their own businesses and experiences. Next Tuesday they’re hosting their second live event and you’re in for a night to remember.

“The Curious Builder Live Podcast event was one of the best industry events held in the Minneapolis community in a long time.”  – Katie Kath, Managing Partner Jkath Design Build + Reinvent

“I won’t be missing any future live events the Curious Builder Podcast puts on here in the Twin Cities.” -Morgan Molitor, Creative Director & Co-Founder of construction2style, resilience2reform, Contractor Coalition Summit, Neon Lion Media

Each episode of The Curious Builder Podcast is one that seamlessly weaves together learning and wit, knowledge and amusement, inspiration and know-how and each is chock full of valuable information for building industry professionals and beyond. Multiply all of this by 100 when it’s live and in person. Your host and co-host Jordyn Diorio, JDP Consult, each bring to the podcast stage unique backgrounds and experiences that will make for a powerful discussion with Alex Lechuk, owner of Lelch Audio a business that builds highly customized systems to make your life easier, and The Lowlands, a new wedding venue.

Buy your tickets, general admission, or VIP, here Snacks and drinks will be provided by Chow Girls and with your ticket, cultivating industry relationships and a Q&A with Alex Lelchuk is also included.

Interested in being a sponsor? There are numerous options to accommodate diverse budgets and levels of engagement. Each sponsorship includes your name and logo on all event materials and website, access to professional photography and videography, and more!

At The Curious Builder Live, no matter where you sit in the room, you’ll have a front-row seat to a strong sense of community, wisdom, and no doubt some spontaneous moments that’ll have you laughing, learning and soaking in the uplifting atmosphere of this magical experience.

Now, let’s throwback to this past summer when our very own Kate Grutzmacher had the privilege of being a guest on an episode! Read on and then check out The Curious Podcast’s website to listen to the episode in full.

Kate Grutzmacher: Building Businesses by Celebrating Others

Owner of The Scout Guide Minneapolis and president of Cities Management, Kate Grutzmacher was invited to spend a morning with Mark and his team in the recording booth and experienced firsthand the fun and knowledge-sharing energy Mark has constructed in his show. Kate shared about how through brand awareness, networking, and connecting people in local markets The Scout Guide has come to be a trusted resource for all things Minneapolis and a platform for local businesses to create a lasting impression in the community. She also shared her mindset that “You don’t build a business; you empower people and people build the business.” What a coincidence because The Curious Builder Podcast’s objective is the same. Bring people together, share stories and experiences, then watch the magic happen.

Kate Grutzmacher, Editor and Owner of The Scout Guide Minneapolis is the featured guest on Episode 21 of The Curious Builder Podcast

A dynamic duo

Now imagine hiring that relatable, friendly, energetic, and knowledgeable coffee date to remodel and elevate your home with high-end details, or finally bring your custom home dreams to life with personal touches and character all your own. You know he’s trustworthy, you know he’ll put you at ease throughout the process and you know he has the experience to get the job done. A builder who values the industry so much, making it better and bringing it together that he created a podcast around it? That’s the passion and heart you want behind you and your project.

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