Bespoke Finish: Transforming the Ordinary to the Extraordinary

Modern kitchen interior with wooden accents, The Scout Guide featured.

Welcome to Bespoke Finish 

You might be working with an architect to build your dream home, or perhaps you’re looking to remodel or refinish something in your current home, with a specific concept in mind. You have a distinctive taste. Maybe you haven’t seen, in person, what you’ve dreamed up in your mind. You want something that you fear… might not even be possible? This is where Bespoke Finish comes in. Bespoke Finish is a design and finishing atelier of sorts that, for 3 decades, has worked closely with its clients to refine their vision and go beyond their wildest imagination. They mix art and skilled perfection with science – and your mind will be blown by what they can do. They are consultants, designers, and coaches. They color match, formulate, beautify, and collaborate around the world… and they play outside the box. They’re your partner in excellence and they’re prepared to awe-inspire you.

The Experience 

One may think the Bespoke Finish experience is all about the product but, Robert Chickey, President and Founder, says it’s more about a cost-effective path forward that other vendors simply can’t achieve. “We get people excited for the creative journey they’re about to go on!” Robert began his career as a contractor and knew, once he started creating colors that architects couldn’t find, that he was onto something. He wanted to share his journey working with wood and wants his clients to know they can have whatever color they want… and he means any color. Now Robert and his team are busy launching new products and a line of colors that is “pretty insane,” and growing their community of believers. 

Condensation on a glass door, black handle in focus, The Scout Guide.

But what about the product?

Let’s say you want a staircase with a brass-like appearance. If you go the real brass route, you’re looking at spending upwards of $500,000. Or, for around $100,000 the Bespoke Finish team will come in with its innovative concepts and a Certified Application Specialist. They can apply VeroMetal®, a sprayable metal that can either be used to cover any wood grain, or a thinner layer can be beautifully utilized to maintain the wood’s natural beauty and authentic details – true story! Plus this breakthrough product is a more environmentally friendly option. Bespoke Finish is the only dealer of VeroMetal® in North America. They have a meticulously trained team of Certified Application Specialists who practice their magic on doors, vanities, bathtubs, plastic, fabric, and so, so much more. “One of the biggest wins is the amount of creativity available. You can have metal objects in any shape! This thin layer of elevated wizardry gets sprayed on, then polished like a solid metal, and you never have to touch it again.

And it doesn’t stop there. This team also specializes in custom finishes and can recreate period finishes! In their gallery, you’ll find numerous examples of this, but be sure to check out the Study where they applied a New White Pine finish replicating a 300-year-old Irish manor. What’s more, Bespoke Finish offers Certified Application Specialist training classes and private training sessions in the US and Canada so interested parties can learn these sophisticated skills, and attain certification, then Robert will put them to work! They already have over 100 Certified Application Specialists and their community of experts is growing! 

The Road ahead

Bespoke Finish is staying the course by continuing to work in elite spaces around those at the top of their game. They want to expand their network to even more architects and designers, so they can press on with showcasing their range of styles, capabilities, and astounding creativity.  Whatever direction their successes lead, the road for Bespoke Finish will undoubtedly be smooth and impressive. Much like an exquisitely polished breakfront.