Live. Work. Play. At Silo Square

Early evening view of a neatly arranged urban street within a modern mixed-use development, showcasing contemporary brick buildings with commercial spaces on the ground floor and residential units above. A clock tower structure anchors the scene, surrounded by a well-manicured lawn with winding paths, as part of the Scout Guide's exploration of community design and architecture.

The Scout Guide has always had a focus on community, architecture, and lifestyle. We work to highlight businesses that inspire these ideas and truly embody them at their core. This is why we are excited to share the Silo Square development nestled at the top of Mississippi. 

Silo Square has honed in on the idea of creating a “town square” for their city. Southaven wasn’t originally started with a gathering place in mind and Developer Brian Hill – Owner of Lifestyle Homes – saw the value in changing that. Developing a place for businesses to thrive, people to live and work, and opportunities for community events brings value and growth for a city and the people that live there. 

This development has no shortage of businesses, homes, and events. 

Keep reading further to find out all that is offered and upcoming.  

Living at Silo Square

A charming front porch of a home with white vertical siding under a clear sky. The house number 6468 is displayed above the entryway. A light blue door flanked by two wall lanterns creates a welcoming entrance. A brick staircase leads up to the porch, adorned with pink flowers and lush greenery, showcasing a sense of style that aligns with The Scout Guide's appreciation for curated local aesthetics and well-designed spaces.

The residential component of Silo Square is the first of its kind in the Midsouth. You can find three options for living – The Preserve, The Town Square Cottages, and Silo Lofts. They all offer unique choices for any family, no matter what stage of life you are in. From single person households to large families, there is an option to choose from that allows both work and play. Homes can range from 1,900 square feet to 3,200 square feet depending on what you are looking for in a home. 

In addition, convenience and proximity are big highlights for these homes, as you have shops, coffee, entertainment, and dining just walking distance from your front door. Future plans also include Silo Academy and a neighborhood grocery store that only enhance the living experience here at Silo Square. 

Silo Square Businesses

A sunlit street scene in front of Silo Square, with a brick and white-painted building housing a Real Estate office. A person walks a fluffy dog past a parked bicycle with a wicker basket. Beside them, a wooden bench sits invitingly under a street lamp. This setting exudes the local charm and community feel that The Scout Guide captures.

Community is also the focal point for the commercial side of Silo Square. The goal is to provide space for businesses that cater to the residents in the development. This opens up opportunities for a variety of stores, restaurants, and experiences that are looking to contribute to the lifestyle center that is being created.


There are plenty of great places to eat in Silo Square. Whether you want to grab lunch on the weekend, get dinner after work, or even have a cocktail; you have tons of options. You can check out fine dining on the patio at Tekila – inspired by traditional Mexican dishes.

A vibrant array of assorted dishes spread out on a table capturing The Scout Guide's spirit of discovery and local flavor, featuring tantalizing tacos, a refreshing salad with nuts and citrus, creamy chicken on a bed of rice, a hearty stuffed burrito, and other inviting cuisine, complemented by what appears to be a fruity sangria, showing a feast that offers a taste exploration.

Easily get everyone together for breakfast at Stak’s Pancake Kitchen. Georgia Blue offers southern cooking, live music, and even their own distilled bourbon. If you’re looking for a healthy breakfast, lunch, or dinner you can stop in at Fresh Valley Juice & Salad Bar where they focus on using only the freshest ingredients. 

Whatever the occasion, there is always a great place to grab food in Silo Square. 


Silo Square also provides a chance to get out and have some fun! You can find live music, food, and drinks at Lucky Dog Music Hall & Bar.

A collection of various guitars mounted on a dark blue wall above a stage set against a brick backdrop with a sign reading "Luck Dog". The stage, adorned with more guitars on stands, microphones, and speakers, awaits a performance, resonating with the ambiance of The Scout Guide's commitment to local creativity and artistry.

Hot Worx is open to help you relieve some stress and move your body. There is also Beans and Leaves Coffee Shop to meet up with friends over a cup of coffee. If you’re interested in wine and spirits, you can also indulge at Sippin’ Silo Wine Bar. 

There is no shortage of fun things to do when visiting Silo Square, and you can access them all within walking distance. 

Aerial view of a bustling outdoor dining area at The Scout Guide featured restaurant with patrons enjoying the sunny weather. Adjacent brick buildings complement the relaxed community atmosphere.


In addition to food and fun, there are also plenty of shops and retailers to check out.

If you’re looking to style your home, MODA Designs is a full-service design studio and decor shop. They can assist you with any of your residential or commercial needs.

Three women in stylish black outfits pose in a modern and elegant interior with decorative floral arrangements and warm lighting, evoking the curated elegance of The Scout Guide.

Norton’s is a refined men’s outfitter that carries timeless brands tailored to meet any occasion.

Alt text: A sculpted white swan in mid-flight attached to a rustic white brick wall with a protruding wooden branch, below which the word "NORTONS" is prominently displayed in raised golden letters, capturing the essence of The Scout Guide's focus on local luxury and lifestyle.

Stella Ivy is a women’s boutique that carries high end shoes, clothes, and accessories.

A chic and well-organized retail display featuring a selection of stylish apparel and footwear. The upper wooden shelf holds a thriving potted plant next to decorative mosaic letters spelling out "STYLE". Below, neatly arranged on hanging racks and shelves, are various denim jeans, white dresses, and a range of trendy sneakers in different designs and colors, with a plush green stool adding a pop of color to the boutique interior. The Scout Guide would likely spotlight such a curated boutique setting for its aesthetic appeal and attention to detail in presenting a fashionable shopping experience.

Silo Square even has a jewelry shop for those special gifts at Custom Jewelry. 

No matter who you are shopping with or for, you will definitely be able to find something you love. 

Upcoming Events 

As always, an important part of communities are the gatherings that take place within them. Silo Square works to provide events that are fun for the family and bring people together. Not only does this benefit the people of the city, but it helps to support all of the businesses in the area while also raising money for local nonprofits. Below you can find a current list of upcoming events that you can expect this year. Silo Square also features direct access to Snowden Grove Park & the BankPlus Amphitheater via pedestrian bridge so that visitors, residents, or hotel guests can easily & safely enjoy Silo Square before concerts, festivals, tournaments, and more. 

May 31st

  • Cheers! The wait is over!! 🥂🍷 Sippin Silo’s Grand Opening is set for this Friday, May 31! Reservations encouraged. @Sippinsilo, will feature a self serve wine tap with 24 wines from around the world; bourbon flights; crostini flights; specialty flatbreads; dessert flights; and more!
Elegant interior of a venue promoting its grand opening for Sippin Silo on May 31, 2024, featuring wine, charcuterie, and cocktails, encouraging reservations for an event at 4:30 PM, with The Scout Guide related context.

October 19th

  • Cars for a Cause Classic Car Show benefiting Make-A-Wish Mid-South
A picturesque view of a vibrant street event showcasing a collection of vintage cars lined up along the roadside, with groups of people milling about, exploring and socializing. Quaint buildings flank the street on both sides, fostering a welcoming community atmosphere under a bright blue sky. This scene captures the essence of The Scout Guide's celebration of local charm and community engagement.

November 7-9th

  • Silo Square Christmas Open House benefiting Healing Hearts Child Advocacy Center

Silo Square understands how important these events are and does a great job of keeping everything organized and clear. There is even plenty of parking that has direct access to the town square. 

Where to Find More 

If you want to learn even more about Silo Square, you can find them here. They go into detail about the lifestyle, housing, new projects, and more of the community. Stay in the loop with them to ensure you aren’t missing out on any of the great things they are doing!

A sunlit corner of an urban street featuring a large mural of vibrant sunflowers and daisies on a brick wall, next to a light-colored building with an awning sign reading "Fresh Valley" in the style of The Scout Guide.