The Scout Guide Little Rock | Make The Mimosa Out Of Mother's Day Weekend

Let’s talk about Mother’s Day weekend in Little Rock! From visitors to locals and everything in between, if you’re spending Mother’s Day weekend in the natural state, we’ve got you covered from where to stay, eat, shop, and snag a last-minute gift mom will love.

STAY | The Empress of Little Rock Bed & Breakfast 

For out-of-town visitors coming for the weekend or if you want a slumber party with Mom for a night, the historic and charming Empress in the governors’ mansion district is the spot. With nine suites and rooms to choose from, each with unique accommodations, it’s hard to return to standard hotels. They still have plenty of suite availability for the weekend or a one-night stay this Mother’s Day weekend, which is linked above. 


This probably isn’t the first place you think of when looking for coffee stops, but their coffee drinks are incredible, especially their Wellness Lattes (The Mushroom Chai Latte is my go-to). Their menus are plant-focused, so if you’re having trouble finding a vegan or vegetarian spot, look no further. As someone with no dietary restrictions, I still find it one of my favorite coffee and breakfast spots. Pop in to grab some pastries and to-go coffee, or if you want to stick around for brunch, you can reserve a table here; they still have plenty of availability for Mother’s Day weekend. 

SHOP | The Little Rock Insider Guide For Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

See our insider guide above if you’re still looking for a gift. It has you covered when it comes to finding that perfect, unique, and special gift for all the moms in your life! 

ELEVATED BUFFETS | Petit & Keet | Cypress Social

If you’re still wondering where to take Mom to eat on Sunday, call and get a reservation at Petit & Keet or Cypress Social both are two places I think of when it comes to when you want your meal to be elevated or a little more special. They’re typically not open on Sundays or for brunch, so it’s a rare treat that you want to experience. Both chefs are beyond talent and have made some of the best meals I’ve ever had in my 32 years. Menus and pricing are provided in the links above and instructions on making your reservations. 

MOMS NIGHT OUT | George’s in Little Rock 

The little cottage restaurant in the Heights lives up to its hype (their reservations are usually filled a few weeks out) and has quickly become a favorite among locals. What’s unique about George’s is that it is typically a spot where you must reserve a table. They have options for walk-ins that might be better than the main dining room. Behind the dining rooms is Barnaby, a speakeasy within the restaurant where you can find a cozy corner, their delicious and extensive cocktail menu, and their full dining menu from which to order. Best part? No reservations are required. Perfect for after-dinner drinks this weekend. 

EXPERIENCE | Murry’s Dinner Playhouse

A true hidden gem in Little Rock, located in midtown, is Murry’s Dinner Playhouse, which you and your mom can enjoy together! I don’t want to go into too much detail because I think this theatre is exceptional and something you should walk into without expectations however, I will say that my husband and I try to attend every show during the season if that tells you anything. The current show running is The Importance of Being Earnest, with curtains at 7:30 p.m. every night (Dinner begins at 6 p.m., and as an experienced audience participant, you will want to arrive at least 15 minutes before dinner begins to avoid a long line at check-in). There is also an additional matinee on Sundays at 11 a.m. 

NAT 20 | Caverns & Forests Board Game Cafe

If you got my joke then you’re in good company. This board game cafe is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced and is truly a unique spot in Dogtown (North Little Rock/Argenta). With a library of over 600 games, the staff is some of the most knowledgeable folks around when it comes to helping you select a game that’s perfect for you and your crew. The best part? They have delicious food, drinks, and weekend brunch options, including a special Mother’s Day Brunch Event. It’s something fun that the whole family can enjoy or a place that you and mom can hunker down at and have some fun that’s a little outside the box. 

SCOUT | The TSG Little Rock Event Calendar

It’s impossible to list all the wonderful things happening in our Little Rock community in a single editorial, so we’re currently working on populating our Events Calendar, where you can see everything happening around town and what’s coming up! So head on over to our calendar to check it out!

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