Lighten Up


Clean, bright, versatile, and inviting, white rooms convey a sense of serene sophistication that we find difficult to resist. Far from being bland or just a blank slate, as the suite by Holly Hunt Design for Aspen’s The Little Nell shows, white walls and ceilings look crisp and fresh while creating an alluring sense of lightness that enlivens any space.

When paired with black and chrome, white is so chic and sleek. We love how the bright white walls and trim let the gleaming checkerboard floor and chrome details shine in the above room by San Francisco’s Kendall Wilkinson Design.

In this stunning project by Virginia Beach’s KDW Home, an open kitchen with white walls, vaulted ceiling, and white marble accents gives way to a bright white, sun-drenched living room, creating a seamlessly airy space that we dream of inhabiting.

The talented designers behind Blue Print in Dallas know how to use white well. The slightly grey tone in the paint used in the room by Jenkins Interiors (top, left) beautifully sets off the framed artwork and silver pieces, while a warmer white makes the breakfast nook by Collins Interiors (bottom, left) feel cozy, clean, and cheerful. The intricately detailed baluster on the staircase is beautifully enhanced by a coat of creamy white (top, right); a slightly lighter white makes the trim and mantel stand out in a welcoming seating area (bottom, right).

Substantial furniture and a black fireplace anchor this tranquil Revival Interiors room. We like how the variations of the materials and milky hues keep the eye moving and the decor from looking too perfectly matched.

Jeannette Whitson of Garden Variety‘s home, which was recently featured in House Beautiful, offers many lovely examples of how to incorporate white throughout one’s abode. Here, the hue highlights the architectural details and high ceilings of a gorgeous stairwell adorned with contrasting black iron fixtures.

White provides an excellent backdrop for art in the spaces by Durham-based Heather Garrett Interior Design, above. A cooler white plays nicely off the blues in the artwork in the room on the left; a yellow-toned white painted wall on the right pairs nicely with the pastel palette of the painting, warm wood of the staircase, and off-white shell chandelier in the room featured on the right.

A white cabinet and shelving set into a crisply painted wall serves as the perfect bar area in this project by Charlotte-based Charlotte Lucas. The glass and metallics on the bottom shelves create a neatly arranged, modern look while colorful coffee table books and a sculptural knot add color and warmth to the tableau.