Welcome Smith Learning Services!

Ignite a Passion for Learning!

Homework. Test taking. Time management. Studying for the SAT/ACT. College entrance essays. Thesis writing. Organizational strategies. Resume building.

Learning tasks can be daunting! Fortunately, our newest TSG Lexington member, Smith’s Learning Services gives us somewhere to turn.

Owner, Dr. Olivia Smith, PhD, provides students with tutoring in any subject and uses academic coaching, focusing on planning and organization, which can help students succeed and learn more independent learning strategies for life skills and living.

Smith Learning Services also provides career coaching for people and students looking to get into graduate school or college… or just looking to start their careers. They help with resume building, writing cover letters, college entrance letters, and more.

Services Offered:

Tutoring Services

Standardized Test Preparation

Learning Specialist Services

Educational Consulting

Career Coaching

Life Coaching

Parent Training

With her personal approach to learning, Olivia ensures the academic plan is tailored to the student’s needs with customizable packages and flexible scheduling. The best part is you can do all of this from the comfort of your own home! Not only does Smith Learning Services help students in achieving their education goals but they take some stress off of the parents or as we say, less whine is less wine!

End the struggle! Schedule your complimentary consultation today and let Smith Learning Services curate your learning program.

Welcome to the TSG Lexington family, Olivia! We are honored by your membership and look forward to learning from you!

About Smith Learning Services

Olivia’s passion for helping students ignited while helping her sister, who had a genetic disorder, with homework. Her innate curiosity lead her to researching her sister’s disorder, leading to become the researcher, and scientist she is today.

Olivia graduated from The University of Kentucky with a degree in psychology and went on to earn her doctorate in developmental psychology from The University of Texas at Dallas. Smith Learning Services believes each client deserves to develop themselves academically and professionally.