Meet TSG Houston!

Did you know THE SCOUT GUIDE (TSG) is a national publication?! Yes. When you become a TSG member you not only have one dedicated local staff promoting and advocating for you and your business…you have over 60 other editors across the country focused on cross promotion of our amazing local business owners…exposure you will not find anywhere else!

This is Patti Mackey owner / editor of TSG Houston. Patti recently launched Volume 5, which you can VIEW HERE!

Born and raised in California, Patti Mackey attended Texas A&M University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. It’s also where she met her husband, Tom. Following graduation, Patti worked for a major advertising agency, then in healthcare marketing at The Methodist Hospital.

Tom’s business led them to Pennsylvania, where Patti embarked on a volunteer career and served as president of the Junior League of Pittsburgh. Then, a move to Alabama’s Gulf Coast brought Patti to Barnes & Noble, where she worked in community and business development.

An avid lover of books and paper, Patti discovered The Scout Guide online in 2015, and enjoyed following all the southern cities as they came on board. An opportunity to return to Houston and bring The Scout Guide back to H-Town presented themselves simultaneously in 2017.

“Curating The Scout Guide is a labor of love,” says Patti. “Meeting and collaborating with so many talented artists, artisans, entrepreneurs, and experts in Houston is a dream job!”

When not scouting, Patti enjoys cooking, travel, spending quality time with her husband, and planning meetups with their three millennials, who currently live in Austin, Dallas, and San Francisco.

Patti’s Three Favorite Reasons to Visit Houston: 

The food. “While we love Mexican food and barbeque, our tastes are unlimited! Gulf Coast ingredients and international flavors can be found everywhere in local dives and fine dining establishments. Once you’ve experienced Houston’s cuisine, you’ll be craving more!”

The people. “As the fourth largest city in the U.S., our population is the most diverse in the country. Our diversity is our strength, and we welcome newcomers!”

The arts and culture. “You can find anything that interests you in Houston. The city has an abundance of museums, theater, entertainment, sports, shops, festivals, and events. Spend a day in the Museum District, see a musical, take in an Astros game, or come for The Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo. You’ll never run out of things to see and do!”

Check out featured TSG Houston member Traci Ling– Traci is an artist who loves creating fun, vibrant images and capturing colorful moments. Specializing in portraits, fashion/commercial photography + fine art prints.