Manners Matter


Meet Robin Hammond of Southern Hospitality!

Robin’s courses, workshops, and events instruct children and adults on the use of every day manners and etiquette. Please welcome Robin as a new TSGLexington member!!


Not all etiquette classes have to be held, or orchestrated, in the dining room! Robin has a kind approach and we often refer to it as ‘fun on the farm’…in addition to courses recently held at Epping’s, and other local restaurants and businesses, Robin has a natural way of making manners FUN…for children and adults!


Robin also offers an ‘in-house’ Business Etiquette Program designed to empower employees through basic etiquette and social skills while creating a positive work environment.

Topics Include:

First Impressions

Grooming & Hygiene

Dressing for Success

Telephone Etiquette

How to keep your clients coming back

The best employee & co-worker

Email & social media Etiquette

Let’s get back to the basics with manners

Time management

Table/Dining etiquette

Why handwritten “Thank You” notes are important in the work place