Etiquette with Southern Hospitality

Manners Matter

There are a few things southerners take seriously: college sports, anything fried, raising good humans, and manners.

For better or worse, children are a reflection of their parents. We want them to be on their best behavior when they are not with us: saying thank you, opening doors for strangers, being polite at sleepovers & birthday parties, and even in the professional realm, manners reflect who we are, how we represent ourselves and the companies we work for.

Robin Hammond, owner of Southern Hospitality & Etiquette offers etiquette classes for all ages, from elementary school, middle school, high school, and businesses.

With social media, iPhones, and video games taking up such a huge portion of our time, Robin’s hope is to bring back some of the “basics” to the youth and adults through etiquette classes on how to become confident, self-assured, and influential leaders in our community.

Manners at the Farm Camp

Manners at the farm camp is a program designed to empower children with confidence, poise and kindness! The camps are offered as one, two days and one week and feature arts & crafts, breakfast with table etiquette, morning egg collection, duck feeding, learning acts of kindness and making new friends.

Business Etiquette

Let’s face it, your employees are the voice/faces of your business. The Business Etiquette Program is designed to empower employees through basic etiquette and social skills while creating a positive work environment.

From first impressions to telephone & email etiquette to dealing with difficult personalities to time management, and learning why handwritten thank you notes are important, Southern Hospitality& Etiquette can customize a program for your specific business needs.

Classes and Events

Robin is the quintessential southern hostess!

Throughout the year, Robin shares tips and tricks with events such as charcuterie, garland making, and special occasion teas. Her hope to help others host their own gatherings and above all else, make someone feel special when they are in their homes.

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