TSG Tip: Refined Celebrations on Hosting for Littles

Connie Majors of Refined Celebrations as featured in The Scout Guide Knoxville Volume 7.

From matte pink balloon garlands accented with pastel-hued baby’s breath to hand-stitched bandanas and scavenger hunts for a little outdoorsman’s birthday, Connie Majors of Refined Celebrations Designs spares no detail. Exuberant reds, yellows, and blues of a balloon garlands reference invitations (hand calligraphed, of course) and echo the nostalgic inspiration of a boyhood party. Pink miniature chairs complement hand-lettered straw flags and dainty party hats topped with matching pom poms. Indeed, every element of a Refined Celebration Designs soiree is imbued with a playful (yet refined) intentionality that’s unmatched.  

Ever inspired by the Knoxville-based event planner, we chatted with the Volume 7 Member about her heart for celebrating. Ever taken with Connie’s penchant for children’s parties, we urged her to share her expert tips and tricks for hosting for little ones. Graciously, she obliged, offering seasoned experience and a distinct sense of her heart for celebration.

Refined Celebrations Designs pink balloon garden with baby's breath florals.

TSG Knoxville: Let’s start at the beginning… Who inspired your love of events? 
Connie Majors: Some of my most profound members were created in my mother’s kitchen: days that started with mini chocolate chip muffins and ended with giggles around the dinner table. She taught me how to celebrate – everyday, every moment. Those simple moments of celebration that really stuck with me.

TSG Knoxville: How did that translate to event design? 
Connie Majors: Before Refined Celebrations, I worked as an ICU Nurse. But, when I became a mother in 2019, my heart shifted to the roots my mother planted in me. I yearned to celebrate my children and motherhood – and help others do the same! I began helping others with parties, and my business exploded. Goodness! I’m so thankful!! 

TSG Knoxville: How did you – no pun intended – refine your craft? 
Connie Majors: Well, the name of my business speaks to how I approach my craft. I’m always inspired by simplifying, parsing out what’s most important, and, of course, celebrating!

TSG Knoxville: As the expert, what are the essentials to a refined celebration? 
Connie Majors: Love, intentionality, and preparedness.

TSG Knoxville: You offer your talents across a variety of events, though we’re always drawn to your work on children’s parties. They’re simply darling. How does planning events for children differ from other celebrations? 
Connie Majors: Children’s events are unlike any other. You’re essentially creating an experience that will speak to two very different groups of attendees: the kiddos and their adult counterparts. And while it certainly takes an extra element of creativity and planning, but in the most fun way! 

TSG Knoxville: How do you approach creating an event that’s engaging and enjoyable for all ages? 
Connie Majors: When planning with little ones in mind, I like to get on their level (literally) and view the party from their perspective. What makes them happy? What is important to them? How do they feel celebrated? For adults: cue the cocktail station! 

TSG Knoxville: What are your essentials for a children’s party? 
Connie Majors: One of my favorite things about my work is connecting with my clients to really understand their personality, interests, and what makes them loved. When you understand those elements, you can create a celebration that makes them feel loved. And this goes for a guest of honor at any age. 

TSG Knoxville: Say we tapped you for a little one’s birthday party. What should we expect from the Refined Celebrations experience? 
Connie Majors: As a mom, I know stressful birthday parties can be. Life is busy enough, and adding planning, implementation, and hosting doesn’t leave you much time to enjoy, really celebrate the milestone. So, think of me as your “mommy concierge.” I work alongside you to bring your vision to life (or help you come up with one) and execute the event, handling the stressful elements of hosting so you can create lifelong memories with your loved ones.  

TSG Knoxville: After being tapped for dozens of celebrations – for littles and adults – you’re quite the entertaining expert. What advice do you give to hosts? 
Connie Majors: Do what works for you. Don’t overdo it: stick to one or two standout statement pieces. Be intentional. And, delegate! Let people help you. You don’t have to be a superwoman! In the last couple of years I’ve seen a noticeable increase in family members taking on hosting responsibilities, in particular, getting or making food. Sometimes it’s home cooked, sometimes it’s a Chic-Fil-A tray. Either way, it’s a trend I really love. People do like to help and feel involved. 

TSG Knoxville: Any trends you’d like to see retired? 
Connie Majors: I’d like to see everyone leave the expectation that we have to do so much or invite so many guests to justify a celebration. Society really makes us feel like we have to spend a lot of money – or invite a lot of people to justify spending money or time – on a celebration. Remember why and who you’re celebrating and enjoy! 

Find additional inspiration from Connie via Instagram and learn more about her event design services, rentals, and custom balloon installations at refinedcelebrationdesigns.com. Don’t forget to tell her Scout sent you!