TSG TIP: Mastering Fall Florals with Wither & Bloom

Lauren Stovall of Wither & Bloom posing in front of one of her fall floral installations.

Of the many natural delights that make Knoxville and Eastern Tennessee a beautiful place to live and visit, fall foliage is perhaps our favorite. And, come September, we’re eager for the brilliant reds and oranges of native dogwoods, maples, and beech trees that signal the season ahead. 

Lauren Stovall, Volume 7 Member and Owner & Creative Director of Wither & Bloom is, like years’ past, looking forward to autumn, as well. Though she’s known for her bloom-heavy florals, Lauren has a particular talent for harnessing the hues of fall foliage and blooms, and we look forward to her fall floral installations. In preparation for the colorful season ahead – which will see her create new, stunning installations for two autumn photo sessions, Lauren weighs in on fall florals and how to introduce them into your home. 

TSG Knoxville: Every year, we look forward to seeing the floral installations you create for fall photoshoots in partnership with local photographers. And while all of your work is stunning, we’re particularly drawn to what you create with fall’s quintessential colors. What is inspiring you this year
Lauren Stovall: This year, I’m inspired to pair local flowers with foraged textures and branches. 

TSG Knoxville: What are the essentials for a fall-inspired floral arrangement? 
Lauren Stovall: Any fall-inspired arrangement must include fall’s best offerings: foliage from color-changing trees. Simply head into your backyard and start snipping! 

TSG Knoxville: What are your recommendations for bringing color into fall tablescapes? 
Lauren Stovall: With nearly everyone’s backyards bursting with color and texture, welcoming fall hues to your table is simple and cost-effective. Again, simply forage a few branches from your yard, style in a pitcher, and pair with equally saturated candles – I like Yummi Candles – and your table is set! 

TSG Knoxville: How do you keep your foliage looking fresh? 
Lauren Stovall: To keep your foliage looking fresh, I recommend keeping the leaves out of the water, refreshing the water and snipping the ends of your branches every few days, and misting any flowers! 

TSG Knoxville: Beyond your backyard, where do you source florals?
Lauren Stovall: We work with local farms every chance we get, but we also source from amazing farms worldwide. 

TSG Knoxville: Are there any local flower farms we should know about?   
Lauren Stovall: Eastern Tennessee boasts such a vibrant agricultural and farming community, and you’ll find beautiful blooms at most local markets. Keep an eye out for dahlias – my summer and fall favorite – from Rainbow Roots.

TSG Knoxville: What – beyond the fall foliage – are you looking forward to this season?
Lauren Stovall: We’re so excited to host a floral design class at Windy Hill Farm and Preserve and partner with the talented photographer Erin McCall for two fall sessions, one in Knoxville (10/15) and one in Nashville (11/11).

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