Introducing The Scout Fund

Guided by the belief that small businesses are the cornerstones of our city, The Scout Guide Knoxville connects people with local makers, experts, and one another. In print and online, The Scout Guide Knoxville celebrates small businesses, supports local entrepreneurs, and helps readers enjoy their communities to the fullest. And, each year, The Scout Guide Knoxville publishes a highly curated, highly collectible print guide featuring excellent independently owned businesses and business owners that locals and travelers alike should know.

For the forthcoming installation of The Scout Guide Knoxville, we are pleased to present THE SCOUT FUND. Designed to support new and emerging small businesses, THE SCOUT FUND is an opportunity for an entrepreneur, artist, artisan, or maker to enjoy the full scope of The Scout Guide Knoxville experience, support, and national reach for Volume 7.

Our hope is to offer a budding entrepreneur or business unparalleled resources — free of charge — including a creative brand photo shoot, digital + editorial coverage, exclusive networking events, and national features for the entirety of Volume 7. Additionally, the winner of THE SCOUT FUND will enjoy a full page feature in Volume 7, a collectible print guide strategically distributed to high-potential clients, customers, and partners throughout the region.