Long recognized for its natural bounty and intrepid spirit, East Tennessee boasts an abundance of culinary + brewing talent. On August 26th through August 28th, RT Lodge will pair the two in celebration of Southern food, craft beer and – most notably – the 10th anniversary of Blackberry Farm Brewery and their flagship beer, Classic Saison. Aptly named, their Beer + BBQ Field Day will feature esteemed pit masters and regional breweries in a delicious, weekend-long experience.

With two opportunities to enjoy the weekend’s festivities, Beer + BBQ Field Day is designed for all to experience the South’s favorite culinary tradition. Locals will enjoy Field Day passes for general admission on Saturday 11:30 to 3:00pm to enjoy beer, BBQ, and mingling with brewery experts. And visitors can opt for a Weekend Package for Friday to Sunday, all-inclusive activities featuring a Blackberry Farm Brewery tour, indulgent cocktail hours, Field Day, panel discussion, and dinners on Friday and Saturday.

To learn more about RT Lodge’s Beer + BBQ Field Day we chatted with Chef Trevor Stockton, Executive Chef for Volume 6’s RT Lodge. Keep reading for an inside look at the upcoming event plus details on how to win two Field Day passes! 

The Scout Guide Knoxville: What inspired the upcoming Beer + BBQ Field Day?
Trevor Stockton: It was a conversation between myself and the Blackberry Farm Brewery guys, Roy Milner and Davis Cranford. We were chatting about the 10th anniversary of Blackberry Farm Brewery and their Classic Saison, and the Lodge and grounds were a perfect fit for a celebration!

The Scout Guide Knoxville: What is the event format? What should attendees expect?
Trevor Stockton: Think food festival, but far more intimate and curated. The weekend will consist of four chefs serving up their interpretations of BBQ and six breweries pouring four different beers. Guests should come ready for brisket, ribs, whole hog, lamb, duck, plus a great variety of fresh produce from local farmers.

The Scout Guide Knoxville: East Tennessee boasts so many talented chefs. What was the selection process like for recruiting your fellow pitmasters for the event?
Trevor Stockton: Rick Mace, as RT Lodge’s former chef, my mentor, and owner of Tropical Smokehouse in West Palm Beach, was a natural choice. As was Elliott Moss, who is one of my favorite chefs and pitmasters. And Dave Rule was a no brainer. We’ve been friends for years and he just opened Trotter’s BBQ in Sevierville.

The Scout Guide Knoxville: In short, it’s the best of the best coming together. What can guests expect from this lineup of renowned chefs/pitmasters?
Trevor Stockton: While it’s definitely a BBQ-themed event, we’ll be serving everything from traditional items like brisket and ribs to smoked leg of lamb to duck breast. Friday night’s welcome meal will be cooked over our back terrace fire pit, but it won’t necessarily be BBQ. The emphasis is on good quality, fresh produce and meats cooked over the fire. Of course, it will be accompanied by our house-made charcuterie, pickles, and sweet treats.

The Scout Guide Knoxville: As a long-standing Southern tradition, BBQ has a variety of interpretations. How would you describe your style?
Trevor Stockton: For me – since there isn’t really an “East Tennessee” BBQ style – I pull inspiration from different places. Ultimately, I think my BBQ – and by extension the Lodge’s – style is most informed by an emphasis on quality and methods. We use the best meats and time-tested recipes. We take our time with BBQ and have been working on the recipes for over 12 years.

The Scout Guide Knoxville: What does the Beer + BBQ Field Day event mean for the culinary program at the Lodge?
Trevor Stockton: We love the opportunity to bring in our favorite regional chefs. It’s a great opportunity for locals to experience the cuisine they would otherwise have to travel to experience. And the quality of brewers that Blackberry Farm Brewery is bringing to the event is fantastic. We’re really excited to have such high caliber food and beer professionals here with us in Maryville.

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