TSG Tip: Experts Advice for Freshening Up Your Home

If a new year calls for a new you, the arrival of 2023 warrants a new look for your home, as well. Before whipping out the paintbrushes (or credit cards, for that matter), we reached out to the experts. Here, Jennifer Justice Interiors, Mary Caroline Mumpower of MCM Interior Design, and Natalie Clayman of Natalie Clayman Interior Design share their tips and tricks for freshening up your home. No power tools or new furniture required — unless you’re up for that, of course!

“Introduce pops of color,” suggests Jennifer Justice of the eponymous design firm, Jennifer Justice Interiors. More specifically, Jennifer suggests replacing neutral lamps or sconce shades with custom fabric shades to add interest. It’s a low-effort switch for high-impact. View the rest of the project here. 

Shift the feel of a room courtesy of wallpaper. Jennifer Justice presents two avenues: going bold with a colorful print or subtle with solid grasscloth. Both are stunning options. When thinking about which rooms to wallpaper, Jennifer Justice suggests papering 1/2 baths, laundry rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms.

Explore a new color scheme without paint. To do so, Jennifer Justice suggests looking to fabrics, which — when hung on the wall as window treatments and interspersed through a room via pillows — will make a big impact. A playful pattern or punchy print will breathe new life into a neutral room. Pro Tip: incorporate accessories like vases or coffee table books that echo colors from your fabric choice to make the room feel put together. View the full project here. 

“Reimagine an existing piece of furniture through lacquer,” suggests Mary Caroline Mumpower of MCM Interior Design. Not only does it give the piece a new lease on life, it instantly updates a space. And while some may shy away from DIY or the idea of hiring out a custom job, it’s a fantastic option for utilizing what you already had. And, if it’s an antique, it’s almost guaranteed to be of better quality than anything you can buy new.

Juxtapose styles with the help of artwork. Mary Caroline Mumpower suggests introducing a modern work of art to a traditional design scheme to add color and a chic spin. Still looking for art? Start exploring Knoxville’s wealth of galleries to discover the perfect piece for your space.

Introduce unusual textiles. Here, Mary Caroline Mumpower introduced a zebra hide, which freshens up the traditional design scheme without competing with the room’s existing plan. Bonus points if the rug you introduce echos an existing element. Here, the edging along the hide references the curtains.

Rearrange! “We do this for clients all the time during our first meeting,” shares Natalie Clayman. “You’ll be amazed at the impact rearranging your furniture can have on a space.” Employ the help of a husband or best friend to move large pieces around for a large impact.

Embrace the power of paint, suggests Natalie Clayman of Natalie Clayman Interior Design. While it may require a little extra planning, it’s a relatively low-cost, quick method of refreshing a room. Wondering what to do about built-ins and trim? Indulge them with a new hue, too, as Natalie has done in her Dean Hill Rancher residential project.

Looking for an expert to guide you in freshening up your abode? Tap one of our scouted interior designers and tell them Scout sent you!