Editor Note

Frances King, Editor + Owner of The Scout Guide Knoxville, as featured in Volume 7.

It’s been said that there would be no Texas if not for Tennessee. I suppose this applies to me as well. No wonder a native Texan feels so at home in East Tennessee — the birthplace of Davy Crockett, country music, and the SEC.

The Scout Guide Knoxville Volume 7 is a celebration of this special place — its history, its heritage, and, most important of all, its people. The pages that follow serve as an introduction to unique individuals, entrepreneurs, makers, and creators who have followed their passions.

Whether you are a visitor, a newcomer, or longtime local, this guide is intended to inspire discovery and connection. Browse it, display it, share it — but most importantly, use it! It is my hope that it will help you connect with the people of Knoxville and East Tennessee on a deeper level and, in doing so, enjoy our community to the fullest.

To the businesses that appear in The Scout Guide Knoxville Volume 7, I’d like to extend my heartfelt gratitude. Each of you has made putting down roots in Knoxville so special. It’s an honor to tell — and be a part of — your stories.

I look forward to supporting, nurturing, and cherishing our community. And I hope you’ll join me!


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