East Tennessee Children's Hospital's Gala Among the Trees

At The Scout Guide Knoxville, we believe in supporting one another. In this vein, we scouted local charities and organizations in our most recent guide. In scouting Eastern Tennessee for non-profits with widespread, though local impact, we were hard pressed to identify an organization with a greater impact than East Tennessee Children’s Hospital. 

Dedicated to improving the health of children through exceptional comprehensive care, wellness, and education, East Tennessee Children’s Hospital provides our region a network of care to treat any illness, from colds to cancer. And, thanks to generous support from the community, ETCH has led the way to healthier children for over eighty years. 

Ahead of their November 21st gala, we chatted with Cause Marketing and Event Manager Angie Howell about what to expect from this year’s Gala Among the Trees. 

TSG Knoxville: What does East Tennessee Children’s Hospital mean for our region? 
Angie Howell: East Tennessee Children’s Hospital is the only independent, not-for-profit network of care in our region focused on caring only for children and adolescents. Last year, Children’s Hospital served patients from 88 of the 95 counties in Tennessee, providing everything from routine care to custom treatment for complex medical cases.

TSG Knoxville: What differentiates East Tennessee Children’s Hospital from other pediatric hospitals in our region? 
Angie Howell: As a Comprehensive Regional Pediatric Center, ETCH offers full capabilities to care for children in a unique pediatric environment and provides the services of many pediatric subspecialties. With 14 primary care offices, four outpatient centers, and more than 32 subspecialties, our convenient locations offer the region’s best in pediatric medicine.

TSG Knoxville: Can you give us an idea of the impact East Tennessee Children’s Hospital has on Eastern Tennessee?
Angie Howell: Children’s Hospital had over 450,000 unique patient encounters last year.

TSG Knoxville: How does the hospital continue to maintain and expand the critical services it provides? 
Angie Howell: East Tennessee Children’s Hospital relies on community support to help us provide exceptional care for the patients and families we serve. Thanks to our generous donors, we are able to maintain and expand our critical services to provide the best care for our community.

TSG Knoxville: Children’s Hospital is also hosting a gala this year. Can you tell us more about Gala Among the Trees?
Angie Howell: The gala is the perfect kickoff to the holiday season and a wonderful way to give back this year. We’re thrilled to partner with TennesSEED Erosion Control for the Gala Among the Trees and Axle Logistics for the Fantasy of Trees.

TSG Knoxville: Is there anything specific this years’ gala will support?
Angie Howell: All funds raised at the 2023 Gala Among the Trees and East Tennessee Children’s Hospital Fantasy of Trees will support the neurology program. We are working to meet the high demand of neurology patients by increasing our number of providers, expanding our existing space, co-locating physician practices near key diagnostic services, and working to introduce enhanced services, like epilepsy monitoring and other neurological opportunities.

TSG Knoxville: What should guests expect?
Angie Howell: A holiday experience they won’t want to miss! We encourage guests to don their holiday best and enjoy an evening of cheer strolling through the trees. During the evening, we also invite guests to purchase trees and other holiday items at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital Fantasy of Trees presented by Axle Logistics.

TSG Knoxville: For those unable to attend, what is the best way for the community to support Children’s Hospital?
Angie Howell: If you are unable to join us at Gala Among the Trees and East Tennessee Children’s Hospital Fantasy of Trees, you can donate here.

Volume 7’s East Tennessee Children’s Hospital invites you to Gala Among the Trees presented by TennesSEED Erosion Control on Tuesday, November 21st. Tickets to Gala Among the Trees can be purchased here.