Cars & Coffee: A Chat with Crown Motor Co.

Crown Motors Founder + Owner, Tripp King

For some, cars are a method of getting from point A to point B. For others, in particular Tripp King of Crown Motor Co., they’re an art form to be admired, collected, and — above all — meticulously cared for. Which, by the way, is exactly what Crown Motor Co. offers to the Eastern Tennessee auto enthusiast.

Curating the highest caliber of luxury automotive lifestyle services, Volume 6’s Crown Motor Co. caters to the most discerning car collectors. Think: every benefit of the automotive collection experience — the glitz of classic lines and glamor of a fresh detail — without the mundane minutiae of fluid levels and battery charging, much less sufficient storage space.

Though built for car people by car people, those of us who can’t recognize the year, trim level, and idiosyncrasies of a classic car upon a brief glance can see Crown Motor Co. is something special. To understand more, we chatted with Tripp about cars, collection, and the day-to-day of Crown Motor Co.

A vintage Porsche Carrera at Crown Motors Knoxville.

TSG Knoxville: For the ubiquity of cars, concierge automotive collection management is relatively niche. How did you get into the industry?
Tripp King: My great grandfather was a Ford dealer in Athens, Texas in the 1940s before opening King Chevrolet with his son, my grandfather, in 1956 in Tyler, Texas.

TSG Knoxville: Born into the industry, your first car must’ve been cool…
Tripp King: It was not cool – a 1984 Ford Mustang.

TSG Knoxville: Let’s fast-forward: what cars are you driving — or rather collecting — today?
Tripp King: I have a soft spot for Defenders, which I’ve been restoring for years and recently began converting to electric vehicles.

TSG Knoxville: What inspired you to start Crown Motor Co.?
Tripp King: As a lifelong collector with a background in restoration, I understand the maintenance that classic cars require, from fluid levels to proper storage. I wanted to create a service that took the necessary holistic approach, so that owners could enjoy the driving experience while nurturing the investment they’ve made in their collection.

TSG Knoxville: For the uninitiated, what do you mean by holistic?
Tripp King: We focus on every aspect of car collecting, from proper storage to sales. Our storage facility offers members cosmetic and mechanical care, including restoration and EV conversion. And, when members are ready to edit their collection, we offer consignment services — from detailing, photography, listing, and selling — to sourcing services. Sourcing is particularly fun, as we get to leverage our global network of fellow aficionados.

TSG Knoxville: In many ways, you are your own customer…
Tripp King: Crown Motor Co. is built by car people for car people. It’s a support system to preserve their investment, give them peace of mind, and ensure their cars are enjoyable to drive.

TSG Knoxville: What do day-to-day operations look like at Crown Motor Co.?
Tripp King: Every morning, our team inspects vehicles, checking fluids, batteries, fuel lines, and air pressure to ensure that the driving experience is perfect — no hassle for our members required. After coordinating with members to ensure their car is ready to roll when they are, we turn to designing and building, consignment sales, and vehicle sourcing.

TSG Knoxville: Can you speak to the designing and building aspect?
Tripp King: Yes! We are the exclusive parter of VASS Technology for upgrading Defenders to EVs. We can also help you customize your car, from interior finish to body color.

TSG Knoxville: Let’s talk specifically about car collecting… What advice would you give someone interested in starting a car collection?
Tripp King: First and foremost: cars are meant to be driven! In fact, cars need to be run and continuously maintained to stay front-line ready. So, for collectors who want optimal performance, find a safe, secure storage facility that offers maintenance.

TSG Knoxville: What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a car collection?
Tripp King: There’s a common misconception that classic cars are cost-prohibitive. The truth is, many classic cars are affordable, and you don’t have to spend a fortune to start a collection. Do your research, get connected to the community, start searching, and leverage each buy for something closer to your dream car!

Learn more about Crown Motor Co., including their storage, restoration, consignment, and sourcing services at Don’t forget to tell them Scout sent you!