Chris McAdoo on His Upcoming Show at KMA

Though we’re primarily known for our fabulous breweries and access to the Smoky Mountains, Knoxville also plays host to a rich arts community. From Dogwood Arts to Knoxville Art Museum, our city is the beneficiary of numerous – almost weekly – engaging, inspiring cultural events and happenings.

In anticipation of an exciting collaboration between Art House and Knoxville Museum of Art, we chatted with Chris McAdoo, the featured artist for the upcoming event. On August 20th, Art House will treat guests to a live performance by Chris McAdoo at KMA. Throughout the evening, McAdoo will create several original artworks that will be auctioned off at the end of the night to benefit Art House. The evening will also include signature cocktails, food by Farmstead Manager at Blackberry Farm, Dustin Busby of DSB Provisions, and live music by the popular fun/soul band, Milkshake Fatty.

Keep reading for an exclusive look at the event and what it means for our community. Head here to purchase tickets.

The Scout Guide Knoxville: How did you get involved with Art House Knox?
Chris McAdoo: My wife, Robyn, and I were fortunate enough to attend several events pre-Pandemic, including a behind-the-scenes tour of the KMA, and a visit with Beauvais Lyons at UTK. Most recently, we attended Richard Jolley’s talk at the KMA. Each event has provided a glimpse into an artist’s world that only Art House can bring. Love the crowds and enjoy the energy.

The Scout Guide Knoxville: What is the highlight of the event for you?
Chris McAdoo: This is a bucket list kind of thing for me. I’m bringing a hometown audience into my world and sharing my inspirations, my vision for a creative life, and my approach to art making, storytelling, and creativity.

The Scout Guide Knoxville: What should attendees expect from the event?
Chris McAdoo: A completely original, thoughtfully crafted art and storytelling experience unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The Art House crew has been working incredibly hard to bring this evening to life, and I’ve been working around the clock to bring my creative vision to life in a significant, original way. You’ll have the opportunity to bring home three original, limited edition linocut prints. Then, I’ll be unveiling three original, never before seen large paintings during the performance – and I’ll actually finish the pieces on stage with a little help from the audience.

“We’re at an inflection point in time for Knoxville. The Art House community has the power to guide and support our artists that aim to bring their voices to a much wider world.”

The Scout Guide Knoxville: Why is this event important to Knoxville’s art scene?
Chris McAdoo: I feel like we’re at an inflection point in time for Knoxville. So much is happening so fast, and the Art House community has the power to guide and support our artists that aim to bring their voices to a much wider world. I can’t presume to say what kind of impact my work will have, but I can tell you that supporting events like this helps to raise all boats, and raise the stakes of what we’re capable of together.

The Scout Guide Knoxville: What should patrons expect to see from their investment?
Chris McAdoo: At the very least: Joy… A sense of wonder when you discover something new or see something from a different angle and you know that you’ve made the intentional decision to invest in this original artwork. I have been making art since I was a kid, and professionally for over twenty years…and I don’t plan to stop now. From painting to printmaking, everything that I’m making now builds into the next piece – and I feel like I’m doing the best, most inspired work of my life. And honestly, I feel like I’m just getting started.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for Saturday, August 20th. Tickets for the event can be purchased here. Patrons will be able to purchase original artworks, as well as a limited series by McAdoo created exclusively for Art House.