5 Questions to Ask Your Cheesemonger

As we prepare for a season of entertaining – Friendsgiving! Thanksgiving! Holiday Parties! – we’re looking forward to gathering with good friends and great grazing boards. And while plays on the traditional appetizer format have been prolific, we’re still opting for the traditional cheese and charcuterie. 

To help us build our boards with interesting, delicious cheeses – and everything else a gorgeous grazing board needs – we chatted with Volume 6’s Euphoric Cheese Shop. As cheesemongers and proprietors of Knoxville’s only dedicated cheese shop, Amy Burrit and Cheri Intveld are experts in everything from Asiago to Zakusochny. Yet, the co-owners and longtime friends weren’t always experts and understand how intimidating it is to discern even between varieties of brie. 

To equip you to shop for your holiday grazing board confidently – no matter where you’re located, though a visit to Euphoric Cheese Shop is a must no matter the occasion – Amy and Cheri shared 5 questions to bring to your cheesemonger. Not only will these prompts help your cheesemonger guide you to the perfect selections, they are sure increase your cheese literacy – from pairings to production-origin – long-term.

Which cheese are you featuring this week? A cheese might be featured because it’s at the perfect level of ripeness, is a great fit for the season, or just because our cheesemongers love it! It’s a great way to discover something new.

I like sweet/salty/sharp/soft cheeses, what would you suggest? Give your cheesemonger one or two pieces of information about the flavors or textures you like and they will offer you a sample of a couple cheeses that might just be right up your alley!

What jam/meat/cracker would you pair with this cheese? Depending on the texture and flavor profile of the cheese(s) you’ve selected, your cheesemonger can recommend the items that will enhance the cheese.

What would you recommend for pizza/fondue/grilled cheese? Not all cheeses are created equal when it comes to melting, but your cheesemonger can point you toward the ones that will give you just the outcome you’re hoping for.

How should I store my cheese? Even though the best answer is “don’t store it; eat it!” your cheesemonger will give you advice on how best to preserve the cheese you’ve selected, as well as information about how long it will last in your fridge.

As Knoxville’s only dedicated cheese shop, Euphoric Cheese Shop is a must-visit for the culinary-inclined. In addition to featuring a variety of local products, Euphoric Cheese Shop features gourmet and specialty food items, including regional favorites from Blackberry Farm, Cooks on the Curb, Knoxville Coffee Co., Lirio Chocolate, and more. Specializing in European imports For more tips and tricks – not to mention ample expert picks for grazing boards – follow along with Euphoric Cheese Shop on Instagram and stop into 139 West End Ave to shop in person! Don’t forget to tell them Scout sent you!