Market Insights with The Lost Tree Team

As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve got quite the roster of Real Estate pros in The Scout Guide family. Each team/individual brings unique perspectives, insights, and skillsets, and Lost Tree Realty is no exception.

Lost Tree Realty and its parent company, Illustrated Properties has recently joined forces with the Keyes Company – together, the three firms make up the #1 brokerage in Florida and rank in the Top 25 nationally!

With over 50 years of experience and a continually growing South Florida territory, we love working with and learning from this team.

Speaking of the team – LTR has four lead agents who, when their powers combine, are an unstoppable force of Real Estate know-how.

Denice Sexton, Peter Erdmann, Susan Callahan and Sean Hegarty shared some of their valuable time and insights with us this past week – and we’re thrilled to share that back to you, our loyal readers and friends.


TSG: Can you share a bit about the evolution of the business since its founding 50+ years ago?

LT: Our firm was originally established by the founder and developer of Lost Tree Village, E. Llwyd Ecclestone, Jr.  It was the sales arm of his development company tasked with selling the newly platted lots, and ultimately the sale and resale of the homes being built within the Village.

Over the years, Lost Tree Realty has changed hands several times and is now part of the luxury sales division of Illustrated Properties/Keyes.  We have taken on a broader, more global stance through our affiliations with Luxury Portfolio International and Christie’s International Real Estate.

TSG: What territory do you cover in South Florida, and why is it your point of focus?

LT: On the listing side of the business, we cover a fair amount of territory spanning from southern Palm Beach on up to southern Martin County, which includes Jupiter Island and Hobe Sound area.  We had a very exciting development several years ago when we took over the onsite sales office for prestigious

Jupiter Hills Village which has proven to be highly successful.

When working with buyers, we pride ourselves on carefully listening to their wants and needs, and then applying our many years of experience to guide them to a property that best suits their lifestyle, wherever that may be.

TSG: You’ve got quite the team. What does each agent bring to the table in terms of expertise?

LT: It is an interesting mix of personalities and skillsets. Each one of us are transplants, having moved our families here from New York City, Greenwich, Boston and Westchester, so we have firsthand knowledge of what it takes to start a new life in South Florida.  We also bring skills from outside the real estate industry having worked in such diverse worlds as publishing, Wall Street, or as a business owner.

 TSG: Can you share a bit about the Keyes / Illustrated relationship?

LT: Our relationship with Keyes/Illustrated is arranged to benefit our clients.  As one of the few family-owned firms with the reach of a national chain, we use every available benefit of a large organization to help our clients achieve their goals. Advertising, mortgage, and insurance options make us a full-service firm with the added benefit of hands-on personal management of each client to help them achieve their desired goals.

TSG: With so many options in Palm Beach County, what makes Lost Tree the right partner?

LT: We like to think it’s our winning personalities. But, seriously, we offer both buyers and sellers an interesting and unique proposition; we are a small, boutique firm closely associated with a very large, and technically sophisticated real estate powerhouse in Illustrated Properties/Keyes. 

It is the best of both worlds. We provide hands on personal service tailored to the individual clients and have direct access to the many tools and technologies of a very large company.

TSG: In terms of the market, what do you expect to change in the next year?

LT: The market has begun to transition to a more “pre-covid” environment. We expect that to continue and we expect additional supply to come to the market.   Interest rates may continue to rise thus putting pressure on buyers who need financing.  Buyers will have more choices and sellers will have to be prudent about pricing.

TSG: What do you anticipate will stay the same?

LT: We expect to see a continued strong flow of buyers to Florida and our area. The importance of hard work and consistent client engagement is the same every year.

 TSG: Outside of being named top 25 firms in the nation…(!) Share some accolades/accomplishments from the past year.

LT: Despite the market downturn in the second half of the year, our team managed to have another record setting year.  We widened our reach by doing business in new areas with new clients.  During the year we worked with several returning clients and referred clients. Returning and Referred clients are a must for success.

TSG: What advice would you share with first-time home buyers?

LT: Start by having an honest and thorough discussion of what you are looking for in a home, and then create a list of priorities starting with the most important and working to least. Then do an analysis of your finances to determine how much you can afford to spend.

Oh, and find a great Realtor.

TSG: Tell us about Lost Tree Village.

 LT: Lost Tree Village is often referred to as the Gold Standard of private luxury communities in South Florida.  The Village encompasses a unique blend of natural beauty, first class amenities such as golf, tennis, state of the art fitness and spa facilities, a beautiful Clubhouse and you can’t forget the miles of private beach along the azure blue Atlantic Ocean.

TSG: We hear you have multi-generational families living at Lost Tree. What do you think makes it so special?

LT: Since its inception, Lost Tree has attracted multi-generational families.  Mom and Dad move to the Village and raise kids who ultimately return to the Village with their families.  Kids visiting grandparents realize how great the lifestyle is and buy their own vacation home.  It’s a very tight knit community, but very friendly.

 Visit the LTR team online at or contact them directly at 561.626.2202.