Float for it! A natural solution to everyday ailments

We’re passionate about many things here at The Scout Guide; and as you’ve likely picked up on, Wellness sits high on that list!

Self-care is paramount, whether it’s a workout class, clean eating or a good old-fashioned spa day.

That’s why we’re so proud to represent a number of partners in our network who provide essential services to our friends, clients and families alike.

Today, we’re highlighting a team favorite for a proper reset – True Rest Float Spa.

Aside from the convenience of being located in a favorite shopping destination (and TSG client) Alton Town Center, we love True Rest for a number of reasons.

The health benefits of course, are paramount: stress reduction, muscle recovery and improved sleep, to name a few.

 New to floating? No sweat. We’re here to address all of your questions to prepare (and excite!) you for your first float session.


Matt Ringler discovered floating around five years ago, during an especially stressful period of his life.

He was seeking a natural approach to calm his nerves and help him sleep; so when he stumbled upon a float center, he gave it a shot.

Instantly, he was hooked – but at the same time, knew it could be improved upon.

“When I saw some of the float centers in other cities with bigger, more modern equipment and higher end finishes, I wondered why there wasn’t something like this in Palm Beach County already. So I decided to bring it here myself,” says Matt.

Having spent most of his life as a tax professional, this was certainly a new path, as well as an admirable risk to take.

“I’ve dealt with small business owners most of my career and felt pretty confident with the dollars and cents side, but the operations, I kind of needed a partner with experience,” he continued.

The perfect partner presented itself in franchise form with the True Rest Float Spa team, which originated in Arizona and has since undergone strategic expansion around the country.

“As the industry has taken off, and become less underground, it’s becoming much more mainstream as people seek safe, non-addictive ways to treat stress, pain, and sleep problems,” shared Matt.

Now a small business owner, Matt takes a great deal of pride in educating his customer base and providing the best client experience possible.

Here are some of the reasons we love to float, and think you will too:

·       Stress relief! It’s a great way to wind down after a hectic week.

·       Pain relief: Because of the weightless environment, floating can relieve pressure and tension on the joints, providing relief to both chronic and incidental pain. “The reduction in sensory input calms the nerves, soothes the muscles, and takes pressure off of the back and joints,” adds Matt

·       Sleep issues: when we’re having trouble getting those eight hours, floating is a great way to encourage our body to wind down for the night.

·       Disconnect: sometimes you just need to unplug. In the float tank, not only are there no iPhones, but there’s no sound at all. Nothing quite compares to an experience this peaceful.


Because it’s a relatively new – or, at least somewhat lesser-known practice, we want to make sure our readers are equipped with the facts. There’s no need to worry, and here’s why.

“The primary thing people express trepidation about is claustrophobia,” shared Matt.

“Once they see the pod and how big it is, that quickly goes away. We’ve had people as tall as 6’9’’ float who were totally comfortable!” he added.

While the pod can close all the way, customers are always in control of the experience, with the option to leave the lid up or down, and exit any time they desire.

You can even leave the light on if it makes you feel more comfortable!

In terms of cleanliness, the water is constantly circulating and disinfected within the room itself. It passes through multiple filters, treated with UV light and more.

According to Matt, “the water is as clean – if not cleaner – than the water coming out of your tap.”

There is no limit to how frequently you can float – it’s really up to the individual – and True Rest offers a variety of specials and packages to help you find what’s best for you.


Some things to consider before you float:

·       Hair dye: it’s best to wait for the color to settle prior to booking a float, both for your hair and the water

·       Monthly cycle: if it’s that time of the month, you’ll likely want to wait for it to pass.

·       Shaving: this is heavily concentrated salt water – you’ve shaved before the beach, right?! You get the picture.

·       Caffeine intake: too many cups kind of defeats the purpose. Maximize your relaxation!


Matt and his team really go the extra mile when it comes to making you feel totally at ease before you float. You’ll watch an introductory video, tour the facilities, get a step-by-step in using the pods, and have any questions answered that might be remaining before floating off into a state of bliss.

When you emerge, chill out in the post-float lounge or enjoy the oxygen bar to extend that feeling of relaxation.

So: are you ready to start floating?

We’ll see you there.

True Rest is located at Alton Town Center, 5360 Donald Ross Rd #105, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418