Introducing The Scout Guide 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Here at TSG HQ, the debut of the annual TSG Gift Guide marks the unofficial launch of the holiday season—and we couldn’t ask for a better kickoff. An opportunity to Scout items we’d love to give (or receive!) and speak to business owners about the unique and special products they carry, the gift guide combines the thrill of the hunt with the pleasure of making a personal connection, all wrapped up in a festive and inspiring package.

This year, the TSG Holiday Gift Guide conveys a sense of adventure that seems very fitting given that it’s a product of 50+ cities’ worth of Scouting. Inside, you’ll find statement-making jewels, one-of-a-kind works of art, eye-catching accessories, gorgeous antiques, a beautiful bicycle ready for cruising, cool camping tools, handcrafted wares, toys that little ones will love, and so much more.

We hope you treat yourself to a few adventures of your own this holiday season. Explore the local businesses found in your town and engage with the people who run them. Visit a new shop (in addition to your old favorites!). Ask for recommendations. Create a new tradition. Gift adventurously!

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