In the Studio: Dennis J. Gormley


WHO: Dennis J. Gormley

ACT ONE: Dennis. J Gormley was born in New York City and began drawing at 6 years old.  At 12 he was asked to do a portrait of the principal of his elementary school by the principal’s wife.  His art teacher strongly recommended that he pursue art as a career while the math teacher recommended engineering.  Engineering won out.  After college, he began 33 years with a Fortune 500 NYSE corporation retiring as CEO and Chairman.

ACT TWO: During his subsequent involvement with a successful start-up company, Gormley was having dinner with two colleagues who were asking what interests he had when not trying to create value in business.  He ended his list of interests with, “I also like to draw.” He was almost surprised by his answer and laughed, saying, “I don’t know why I said that.  I have not drawn since elementary school.”

On the flight home, he picked up the ball point pen in his briefcase and returned to one of his first loves.  That was 10 years ago.


THE STUDIO: Gormley sits at his desk or round table and draws on paper with his pen. He has framed work surrounding the walls, a reminder of different images he’s rendered.

THE ARTWORK: Gormley enjoys drawing all things — portraits of people as well as animals and still life — with the same pen. His ability to realistically capture a likeness is uncanny, and the attention to detail, texture and tone is at this essence of his drawings.

WHY A PEN? The black and white creates drama.  It is also satisfying to create knowing you cannot paint over, erase or Photoshop.  You see what the pen did when it touched the paper.

His newest work show above is framed on glass, which has helped the drama of his artwork really stand out.

Dennis J. Gormley // [email protected] // 239.269.6685 // Facebook