TSG Huntsville Editor | Owner Dawn, Nancy, Cheri, Michelle, Kerrie, Sadie, Michelle and TSG Chattanooga Editor | Owner Amy

Dying to spend a little time away safely with friends like I was? How about a super-fun weekend getaway to Chattanooga? With the help of Scout Guide Chattanooga Editor Amy Walters, my friends and I knew just the right spots to stay, shop, eat and relax! It was so much fun, that we wanted to share our Chattanooga tips and tricks so you can get away soon too…

The Food

Sadie, Briana of ChattTaste Tours, Kristina, Cherie, Dawn, Michelle, Kerrie and Nancy enjoying the sunset and beautiful views from Paloma de Tapas on the top floor of the Westin.

The highlight of our culinary visit to Chattanooga was the ChattTaste Food Tour with Co-Founder Briana Garza. Bri is a true ambassador for the city. She knows all of the chefs and restaurants and shares the top tastes of the town. Not only is she knowledgeable, but she is also charming, fun and immediately became one of the girls.

Our food tour centered in West Village Chattanooga, just a short walk from our hotel, and featured four stops. At each stop, we had a featured taste with a paired cocktail. 


ChattTaste Food Tour Itinerary

Alimentari Cucina y Cantina (in the Westin Hotel)

Food – Sea Scallops, Fingerling Potato, White Sauce 

Drink Pairing – Prosecco

Paloma Bar de Tapas 

Food – Montaditos De Pimenton (Piquillo Peppers, Goat Cheese, Tarraon, Grilled Baquette), Croquettas (Bechamel, Braised Rabbit, Piquillo Pepper Puree), Hongos Portebello Fritos (Fried Portobello Mushrooms, Tomato Jam, Herb Oil)

Drink Pairing – Smoked Agave (Casamigos Tequila, Fresh Lime, Mezcal, Smoked Salt Rim, Smoked Table Side with Mesquite Wood Chips)

Shout out to Chef Erika, a lovely, woman chef with so much creativity! This restaurant is on the top floor of the Westin Hotel and has great sunset views.

Old Gilman Grill

Food (our first dessert!) – Angel Cake (Macerated Strawberries, Brandied Whip-Cream, Powdered Sugar, Balsamic Drizzle)

Indigo Hotel (just opened!)

Food – Chatta-Nougat (Blueberry Pistachio Nougat, Flourless Chocolate Cake, Espresso Gelato)

Drink – Southern Daisy (Lemon-Infused Vodka [made in-house], Grand Marnier)

This was by far the most amazing and inventive dessert that I’ve had in a loooooong time! Even if you just pop in just for the Chatta-nougat, you will not be disappointed!

Alimentari Cucina y Cantina  Food - Sea Scallops, Fingerling Potato, White Sauce Sea Scallops, Fingerling Potato, White Sauce Paloma Bar de TapasPaloma Bar de Tapas Smoked Agave CocktailOld Gilman Grille's Strawberry DessertIndigo Hotel's Chatta-Nougat (Blueberry Pistachio Nougat, Flourless Chocolate Cake, Espresso Gelato)

Not on the food tour, but also tasty Chattanooga favs we enjoyed during our visit were: Taco Mamacita on the Northshore for lunch, the Whiskey Thief on the rooftop of the Edwin Hotel with a view of the river for spectacular indoor and outdoor ambiance, and Clumpies Ice Cream, a true Chattanooga treat!


TSG Chattanooga Owner & Editor Amy also suggests the following that are now on our list for next time:

Taqueria Jalisco ANIA for Mexican food, make reservations.

Alleia for Italian food, make reservations.

Flying Squirrel or STIR for after-dinner drinks.

Moxy Hotel or Goodfellas for late-night bites.

Kenny’s Southside for lunch/brunch.

Whitebird at The Edwin Hotel for brunch.

Sleepyhead for coffee.

The Hotel

We stayed at the Read House Hotel. Ask for a room in the historic tower! It was a lovely throwback to an august and glamorous time and thusly well-appointed. Our rooms were reasonably priced and a nice size to share with another friend. Each guest received a $25 gift card to be spent at the hotel and a free glass of champagne. We used both at the hotel bar and enjoyed ourselves.


The hotel is rumored to be haunted by the ghost Annalisa Netherly and has maintained the notorious room 311 in period decor (right down the hall from my room!) and offers tours throughout the evening. We were pretty sure that we met Annalisa on our visit!

Here we are in Annalisa’s haunted suite #311  at the Read House. This was the last tour of the night. Do you think she minded that we brought our champagne glasses up from the bar?


With all of the eating and drinking, we didn’t have as much time to shop as I would have liked; however, it was fun to pop into shops and walk the neighborhoods. We visited Sophie’s for home and gifts, Abby Lane for clothing and accessories, and Locals Only for souvenirs. And all were within walking distance in the Northshore area.


TSG Chattanooga Owner & Editor Amy also suggests the following that are on our list for next time:

Southside/Warehouse Row



Shadowbox Paperie

Powell Market


K Boutique

Alice Blue

Electric Blue

Danshire Market & Design

Clay Pot 

Things to Do

There is so much to do in Chattanooga that we couldn’t even begin to scratch the surface for a quick 2-day, 1-night getaway. However, one of my favorite things was that everything was open and hopping on both Saturday and Sunday. Museums, shops, you name it, were open for business on both days. Hey Huntsville, I wish we were a little more like Chattanooga in this way!

With shopping and eating (and cheers-ing) taking up all of Saturday, we girls decided to take a walk across the river and enjoy the outdoors on Sunday morning. With a riverside park on the Northshore and a walking bridge, we just wandered, chatted, and enjoyed the city.

Chattanooga's walking bridge

With more time next visit, we plan to take advantage of these other suggestions from TSG Chattanooga Owner & Editor Amy:

Pedego – rent electric bikes that drive 30 MPH and cruise around town

Gallery 1401 – browse local art and enjoy free mimosas on Sundays.

The Hunter Museum of Art


The idea of putting this trip together sprung out of a conversation at a ladies wine night at The Ledges in Huntsville. It seemed like one of those things that you say you’re going to do, and then you don’t. Well, I’m just glad to have this fun group of ladies and jump on this Chattanooga Girls’ Getaway with me. Thank you to Huntsville’s Kristina, Michelle, Kerrie, Nancy, Cheri, and my best gal Sadie, a Chattanooga girl, for making it so much fun! A huge thanks to Amy Walters, Editor | Owner, TSG Chattanooga, and Briana Garza, Co-Founder, ChattTaste Food Tours. Oh, and special huge thanks to Michelle, who captured most of the photos from this trip. She is FAR better with the camera than this Editor!

We hope this helps get your creative juices flowing and helps you to think of a way to enjoy some regional travel and our neighbors to our North! 

~ Dawn

Cheers to Chattanooga, the town that serves mimosas as big as your head!

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