Portrait Photography by White Rabbit Studios    Portrait Photography by White Rabbit Studios     Portrait Photography by White Rabbit Studios

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Sally Ham, March 2021, Voices of Huntsville
Downtown Huntsville Sweetness Fun Run

Downtown Huntsville as a whole is what I would like to describe as kind and welcoming. There’s something special and wonderful in each and every place. Downtown offers a warm cup of coffee, a delectable treat, a thoughtful “hello” and so much more. You will find an employee who will do all that they can to help you, a cheerful (albeit masked these days) smile, and maybe even a Huntsville-made staple. What you discover will vary, but I can guarantee you that you will always find joy and sweetness!


Combining my passion for running with my love of downtown Huntsville is a dream come true. I absolutely love the sport and how it makes me feel. Running is liberating and gets the endorphins going. And it’s a healthy escape from everyday life. Honestly, the same can be said for a trip to downtown Huntsville. Combine the two and you are just going to have a lovely day. And just like the scenic route on a road trip; it may not be the fastest, but it’s worth it for all the great stops. Introducing the downtown Huntsville sweetness fun run! Enjoy my fellow runners!

1.2 miles total for the downtown Huntsville sweetness fun run! Map by Google.

Stop #1 – The Moon Bakeshop.

PXL_20210123_172406605.jpgoriginal_0d59febd-97a4-4776-a370-78706ffa6d5d_PXL_20210123_172554375.MP.jpgIMG_20200711_093349.jpgIMG_20200710_082510.jpgPXL_20210123_172608925 copy.jpgIMG_20200912_095909.jpg

This place! The kindest and most welcoming group of people for sure. And goodness I have never had more delicious and tear-inducing (seriously, I have cried when eating one of their cupcakes it was so good) treats in my life. There is always some new and exciting, and may I add, a life-changing delicacy to try and it makes this little shop that much more loveable. They are also family-owned which I think is so precious.

And don’t even get me started on their cookie cakes! Oh wow. Just this past October I asked if they could make a Jack Skellington cookie cake for my husband’s birthday and holy cow did they impress. I would also like to add that they are super communicative and easy to work with. They always have something up their sleeve, and we are here for it! I would highly recommend venturing out to this unique and quirky little bakery. Just make sure to bring your appetite and maybe even some tissues in case you are overwhelmed with deliciousness (it is very possible).

My favorites: Regular Latte— The Rosemary Latte; Seasonal Latte—it’s a tie between The Olaf and the Blueberry French Toast Moon Milk Tea Latte; Treat—Any and all of their cupcakes (they change often, but have yet to find one I don’t like); Other items—Their custom cookie cakes, pies, and cakes (if you dream it, they will indeed create it!)

Stop #2 – May May’s Children’s Clothier.


This is a newer one for us, and we love it! As a plain jane type of mom, I honestly was always nervous and uneasy about ever going into a specialty kid’s clothing boutique, mainly because I’m not really one to dress up my daughter nor am I really a stylish mom. This sweet little shop is so welcoming and has the cutest, most adorable kid clothes. They also offer one-of-a-kind items that you won’t be able to find in your local Target. Whether you are in search of a teether for your cranky baby, a dressy outfit for your daughter, a cute kid’s beanie for the cold weather, a thoughtful baby book for a soon-to-be mom, or even some silly bath toys; then look no further. The owner Megan and all of the staff are extremely helpful, personable and overall cheerful. Can I also add that their music choice is very relaxing and fun?! We just adore all that this place has to offer.

My favorites: Little Sleepies Pajamas, Lucy Darling Baby Books, and Momma & Me Cup Set


Stop #3 –The Dapper Dude.

Screen Shot 2021-03-02 at 11.06.24 PM.pngoriginal_82caf0a5-189b-48ca-bff4-cb828702192a_PXL_20210123_175046209.jpgScreen Shot 2021-03-02 at 11.07.35 PM.png

The Dapper Dude’s storefront is mixed in with other shops in Clinton Row, but it’s definitely a hidden gem. Derrick’s business is really special to us. We honestly had no idea of this innovative gentleman until quarantine. Masks became our norm, and Michael and I realized we had to find something for the long run. Thankfully my friend Rachel Brown at The Rocket City Dietitian shared these very unique and incredible masks made by a very dapper-looking dude. The masks were beautiful, one of a kind and so creative! I immediately bought my husband one and he loved it. And then I became obsessed and had to buy one. We both have two masks each and they are just the absolute best! So durable too. I think the sweetest part of this all is you have someone who took their business and focused on helping the community in a time of crisis. I just love that compassionate heart.

My favorites: The Pac-Man Origami Mask and the TGB Origami Mask

Photos of Dapperdude and mask from his Instagram feed.

Stop #4 – Caley Paige. 

Screen Shot 2021-03-03 at 12.00.58 AM.pngPXL_20210123_175419406.jpgScreen Shot 2021-03-03 at 12.00.15 AM.png

This home goods store is newer to the downtown scene and boy is it filled with some gorgeous items. The jewelry and art are phenomenal, with some of them being locally created. The home décor is impressive and of great quality, like their comfortable and stylish pillows that can make any room pop. Their earrings and necklaces are lovely and so well made. You can almost always find the perfect gift for any occasion. And if you need assistance in finding a certain item, Brooke is happy to help. Stop by here after breakfast at Honest Coffee Roasters (coming up) and purchase yourself a lovely item you can always cherish.

My favorites: The jewelry selection (there is something for everyone) 

Interior Photos of Caley Paige from their Instagram page.

Stop #5—Honest Coffee Roasters.

Screen Shot 2021-03-03 at 12.56.35 AM.pngScreen Shot 2021-03-03 at 12.57.21 AM.pngPXL_20201111_151901556.jpgoriginal_18503c3a-1edd-4e41-8d17-d76785fd78a7_PXL_20201111_153124001.jpgoriginal_1797554e-315d-4d9a-a87c-6729696a7988_PXL_20210123_175322603.jpgIMG_20200823_085228.jpg

Honest holds a very special place in our family’s heart. Pre-COVID we went there at least once a week. It was always so fun to hang out in this adorable, decorative little coffee shop. When COVID hit that changed it all, but Christy and the team at Honest handled it beautifully. They opened up their online ordering and made it possible and so easy to pick up food curbside. Literally, one of the biggest highlights of our whole week at the beginning of quarantine was ordering acai bowls and lattes and enjoying them as a family at home. They really helped to keep us going when things got rough and we will forever be grateful to them for that. We can all agree that Saturday morning breakfast is so much better with Honest. They are also accommodating to kiddos, as our daughter absolutely loves getting her own kid-sized “coffee” (kids’ hot chocolate). Their outdoor seating is wonderful and you might even get to see a pup or two! They have worked so hard to keep their workers, as well as their customers safe—we so appreciate that. And they are all so kind and delightful. They have always gone above and beyond in what they do. We honestly love them.

Favorites: Latte—The Bees Knees (oat milk and half sweet and it’s perfect); Seasonal Latte- Apple of My Chai; Acai Bowl—A tie between The Lotus Bowl (also good for kiddos as long as you sub the granola) and The Southern (seasonal, but so good); Bagel time—Day Break Bagel and the Smoked Salmon Bagel

Lavender & Honey Sweet Cream Nitro photo from the Honest Coffee Roasters Instagram.


Stop #6 — Harrison Brothers.

PXL_20210123_180303023.jpgScreen Shot 2021-03-03 at 1.10.43 AM.pngPXL_20210206_173345686.MP.jpg

We are obsessed with this old, historic-style general store. Here you’ll find knick-knacks, types of candies you haven’t seen in years, and incredible art and goods made by local artists of Huntsville. You can browse through a selection of books written by Huntsville-based authors, some of them were even written by my late grandfather Fred Simpson. There is also a kid-friendly section that any child can enjoy. And, my goodness, the employees there are extremely helpful and accommodating. I kid you not when I say we have always been given outstanding service whenever we go here. And if you are looking for a unique and notable piece of merchandise, this is your place. 

My favorites: All of their art from the local artists (my favorite being The Art Lady Sonya) and the unique Huntsville coasters (I currently have one at home and one at work)

Photo of Huntsville art from Harrison Brother’s Instagram.


Stop #7 — Domaine South.


I think Domaine South is probably one of the greatest additions to the Huntsville food scene. (Thank you, Kristian!) Charcuterie boards, an assortment of wines, and a constant revolving menu are what you will discover when you dine here. And the service is phenomenal! We have always thoroughly enjoyed our visit to this establishment and couldn’t recommend it enough. It’s the perfect date night spot.

I would also like to add that at the beginning of COVID, when restaurants had shut down, they teamed up with a meat company (Evans Meats) to help sell their meats and fish to the general public and that was really amazing. If you are looking to have the best meal of your life, then you must (MUST) go there. Love this place!

My favorites: Appetizer—Charcuterie board that you can customize to your liking; All the Meals—as I mentioned earlier they have a constant revolving menu, but if you ask the staff what they recommend/a favorite they can always point you in the right direction!

Stop #8 — Piper and Leaf at Constitution Village.


This brings me back to when my husband and I got married! Yes, we had Piper and Leaf at our wedding. And it was magical! They are a family-owned business that we love to support. Their employees, just like all others in the area, are very helpful and kind. There’s a bit of cheer that can be found as soon as you walk in the door. An added bonus of this Piper and Leaf (since they have multiple locations) is the fact that you can enjoy some gorgeous scenery while also sipping a delicious artisan tea, hot or cold.

My favorite: Healing Honeysuckle (I personally like mine hot.)

Sally Ham was born in South Carolina and has lived the majority of her life in Huntsville. She is a childhood cancer survivor- going on 25 years now since she had her diagnosis. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from UAH in 2015. Currently, Sally does clinical research in the chronic kidney disease population—strongly believing it is incredible to be a part of the future. She is married to a crazy talented man and is a mom to a beautiful and fierce little redhead. In her spare time, she loves to run, go rock climbing with her husband, visit all the amazing coffee shops with her daughter, take as many memorable photos as she can, and spend time with family and friends. Sally aspires to be Huntsville-famous one day—it would be a dream come true! You can almost always find her “hamily” on Instagram at @thehamilythree or out in downtown Huntsville—if you couldn’t tell, they love it there!

Sally, what a fantastic fun run or daytime stroll hitting the highlights of downtown Huntsville! Thank you so much for sharing your voice and favorite stops downtown—I know we will surely wave if we see your “hamily” out and about! We hope that you loved it too and hope you take in all the sweetness downtown has to offer.

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