Voices of Huntsville | Jamie Tô and Michele O’Connor are The Mad City Moms!

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 Portrait photography courtesy of White Rabbit Studios.

Portrait photography courtesy of White Rabbit Studios.


November 2022

Jamie Tô and Michele O’Connor are The Mad City Moms

Madison locals Jamie Tô and Michele O’Connor are the fun and fabulous hosts of the podcast Mad City Moms. They regularly talk all things “Mad City, ” chat up small business owners, and visit pop culture topics all while navigating #momlife. They were gracious enough to create a Special Voices of Huntsville edition for November. Listen to their Special Voices of Huntsville Edition on Apple or on Spotify too! And enjoy the video clips of Jamie and Michele recording their Voices of Huntsville Podcast below.

Jamie Tô and Michele O’Connor introduce the Mad City Moms Podcast

Jamie and Michele share their favorite things about Huntsville

Jamie and Michele chat about what they like to do when they take time for themselves

Jamie and Michele spill about where they go and what they do when they go out on the town with all their mom-friends!

About the Mad City Moms

Jamie & Michele aka Mad City Moms Podcast

Jamie and Michele met in 2021 when their sons were in the same Kindergarten class. They became fast friends and have been inseparable ever since! In April of this year, Jamie decided to start a podcast and invited Michele to co-host with her. The podcast has evolved into a social platform for small-business-women-owners in the community! They have a blast every week chatting with the women about their business, pop culture and lives as Moms. Season 2 launches in early November! 

Michele O’Connor

In 2021, Michele O’Connor along with her, husband Eric, and children Mason (7) and Madison (5) moved to Huntsville, Alabama for Michele’s career. They currently live in Madison, Alabama and their children are in first grade and Kindergarten at Madison Academy. Michele and Eric love watching The University of Alabama football games and watching their son play soccer. They enjoy exploring Huntsville and Madison through their parks and playgrounds! They now live closer to family in Tennessee and love spending time with them. 

Jamie Tô

Jamie Tô, a native of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; moved to Huntsville, Alabama in 2014 with her husband Eric. Jamie has worked for AT&T (23 years and counting), managing executive-level projects. Jamie loves her family and friends like none other and wouldn’t be here today without their loyalty and support. Jamie and Eric presently live in Madison, Alabama with their treasured son, Evan (7), who is currently attending first grade at Madison Academy. They love traveling, especially any place with their son, both determined to show him the world.

Jamie and Michele, we have absolutely loved getting to know both of you better, picking up on some local pop culture, your personal local loves, and look forward to listening (and laughing along) to all the latest on The Mad City Moms Podcasts! Be sure and give them a follow and head here for their latest podcast on Apple and Spotify!

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