7 Tips for Easily Styling a Bookshelf

We asked local Huntsville Interior Designer Kelly Butler to share her advice on the best and easiest ways to make your shelves look design ready.

1. Books are your friend – A bookcase was indeed intended to hold books – pile them on! If you feel like your books aren’t “pretty” arrange them in groups by color to create a larger/cohesive look or make book covers from paper and label the spines with pretty lettering.

styled blue bookshelf interior design

2. A touch of green makes a big impact – Adding in a small plant or green moss balls can pack in the perfect punch of fresh green to your shelves.

3. Art is always a good idea – Bookshelves are a perfect spot to display smaller pieces of art you picked up on your travels or you can hang larger pieces on the bookcase itself.

interior design art on bookshelf

4. Baskets are a great way to contain the clutter – Use several of the same basket on your shelves to store those necessary, but ugly things – cables/cords, remotes, toys, etc.  

5. Layer in objects and interesting shapes – Pretty bookends, candlesticks, or that interesting piece of coral you found at the beach can add personality and depth to your shelves.

bookshelf interior design

6. Consider painting or wallpapering the backs of your bookcase for a big punch – Painting the backs a contrasting color can bring depth and highlight your books & accessories while wallpaper can add bold color or pattern.  

7. Be sure to mix things up for interest – don’t use only framed family photos or only books.

living room interior design

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